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SynchroniCity Smart Cycling Projects FAQs

Quick Guide

'How do I know if I'm collecting data for my city while I'm riding?’

  • I've connected my See.Sense ACE light to the See.Sense mobile app
  • I've opted in to share ride insights
  • My light is on and the app is on in the background.

Getting Set Up

Downloading the App and joining your city project

Instructions for iOS

First, download the Testflight app and follow this link to install the See.Sense BETA app.

  1. Download Testflight app
  2. Download See.Sense BETA app using this link
  3. Go to Settings > My Account > Authenticate
  4. Choose ‘Sign up for SmartCities’
  5. Enter Project ID - ‘SC02-SNCN
  6. Complete your profile and opt in to share ride insights
  7. Accept terms and conditions
  8. Authenticate email address
  9. Sign in
  10. You’re ready to go!

Instructions for Android

  1. Download the See.Sense BETA app
  2. Go to Settings > Login
  3. Choose ‘Sign Up’
  4. Accept terms and conditions
  5. Opt in to share ride insights
  6. Click ‘Sign me up!’
  7. You’re ready to go!

Connecting your See.Sense ACE to the smartphone App

Additional information on light functionality can be found at our FAQ site here

Sharing Ride Insights 

Sharing ride insights is simple. All you need to do is to make sure your See.Sense ACE light is connected to the See.Sense app via bluetooth (indicated by a flashing blue indicator on the top of the See.Sense ACE), turn your light on and go cycling. Once you have finished your ride, turn your light off (via the app or button) and the ride will be automatically shared with See.Sense.

Post Ride Surveys (iOS only)

Once a ride (lasting over approx. 3 minutes) has been detected you will receive a notification asking if you wish to record any additional information on your trip - such as highlighting a close pass, pothole or a dangerous junction. These optional surveys complement the quantitative data we collect via the light and help build a more complete picture of cycling in the city.

Community Data and Privacy

We can only collect data when you have:

  • opted into the See.Sense community via the app and accepted the terms and conditions
  • the See.Sense light is switched on and is connected to the See.Sense app. 

More information on our community data and privacy policies can be found here

Data Usage

When collecting data, a transmission will take place to send data to our database once every 20 minutes. Our tests show that a single ACE bike light collecting data over for one hour will use approximately 1-1.5MB of data. For comparison, 2MB is the less than the equivalent of sending one standard photo as a message via your data plan. However, please note that the participants mobile operator is likely to calculate data usage based on their own metrics.

Battery Consumption

The rate of smartphone battery power consumption depends on many factors. When using the See Sense app in a data trial capacity, location services, Bluetooth and mobile data will be engaged. All three functions will require power from the battery which will likely be shared with other apps running on your mobile device. Our tests indicate that a one hour journey will use roughly 1-10% of a fully charged smartphone battery.

About SynchroniCity

SynchroniCity is a European Large Scale IoT Pilot project. The project is driven by a simple question: What would it take for a great data-driven solution in City “A” to readily work in City “B”? Starting in February, 18 cities and 40 companies will join the movement to redefine the social and economic potential of new services using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe and beyond by giving a real answer to that question.

Find out more about See.Sense Smart Cities here


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