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See.Sense ACE Front Light Only

Last Chance To Ride With ACE
We know that just one of unfortunate outcomes of the past two years has sadly been the global chip shortage, which means our stocks of ACE Rear Lights and Sets are now almost depleted. So, now is the time ‘Beat The End Of Line’ and get your hands on one of the last remaining ACE rear lights by shopping now.

Please note: Discount codes cannot be used against ACE due to this promotion (with the exception of specialist trial participants codes). 

Please note that the light will come in our ECO packaging.

Lumens: 150
Runtime: 10 hours
Weight: 35 grams
Water Sealed: IP67

Made in the UK

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When you face moments of increased risk on your commute (e.g. at junctions, filtering traffic, or high-stress intersections), ACE reacts by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make you more visible to other road users. It also shines powerfully both in daylight and at night-time, helps you be seen from over a mile away, and gives you 200° of side visibility.

See.Sense Reactive Bike Lights


See.Sense’s award-winning bike lights don’t just make you safer on the road though. They work with our companion app to give you a voice. Through the app, you can:

share stats


Help create better cycling infrastructure for everyone by sharing your rides with Transport Planners or providing them with direct feedback.

theft and crash alerts through See.Sense app


Receive theft alerts if your bike is moved without you, automatically send crash alerts to a nominated contact, and get low battery notifications.

customise flash patterns through See.Sense app


Control and customise your lights by changing their flash mode, brightness level or flash patterns.


ACE is 59.5mm x 32.5mm x 22.50mm.

To connect it to the See.Sense app your phone needs to run Android 4.3 / iOS 11.0 or later.