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May 18, 2018 3 min read

You might already be cycling to work, but have you ever actually sat down and thought about what happens to you, your body and your life whenever you first start cycling to work regularly? We talk about the amazing benefits of cycling to work all the time, and why shouldn’t we? Not only does it save the environment, it avoids the early-morning stress of competing with your fellow commuters - starting, stopping, starting and stopping again. It also improves your mood (when you don’t get a puncture) and helps you sleep better.

If you don’t already bike to work…. As soon as you make your first commute on your bike you’ll pretty much start to notice the benefits instantly as you will arrive at work feeling more awake, energised and motivated! The most important step is to jump on the bike and get started! So here are our top 10 of the best things that happen to you when you start cycling to work:

1. You’ll master your route to work in no time

You’ll soon learn the quickest way to work on two wheels, taking great pride in sailing past any drivers who are sitting in traffic on the way in. 

2. You’ll soon become a pro at organising your kit

Planning ahead is definitely key to a smooth commute. Once you start cycling to work it will soon become a seamless process - you’ll have your kit sorted the night before and your work clothes ready to go when you arrive in the office!

3. Ride to eat, eat to ride

There’s nothing like that rewarding breakfast and coffee at your desk in the morning. And because your burning extra calories than everyone else - yes you're allowed that extra piece of cake in the afternoon!

4. Your strength and fitness will start to improve

This will come as no surprise to all regular bike commuters or cyclists. Turns out there is no need for that gym membership after all, as you are fitting in your exercise both before and after your working day. It's also been proven that cycling to work is just as effective for losing weight as going to the gym FIVE days a week, and cycling is lower impact too.

5. You'll start to choose the bike over the car more often

The costs of motoring are constantly on the rise - this, combined with the amazing benefits of cycling to work, you might even consider selling the car. You'll also soon learn that it doesn't actually rain as much as you thought it would!

6. “Did you cycle in today?”

A classic from co-workers everywhere.

7. You can’t buy happiness, but

Plenty of research has been done to prove that cycling makes you happier! There are just so many moments of pure pleasure to be had at the sensation of freedom and speed produced under your own body's power on your journey's to and from work.

8. You’ll become a bike mechanic (in the making)

Multi-tools, spare tubes, track pumps will all become a second nature to you in no-time. Though countless mistakes will probably show you there’s still a lot to learn!

9. You'll discover new places

And not just the coffee shops! Take in your surroundings and enjoy your journey into work, you'll see things and places you didn't see from your car!

10. You’ll have fun!

This is what it's all about. You might even start to take the long way home!