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Travel Survey:

A one-off short travel survey is distributed amongst employees to assess the potential for behavior change among employees.

Launch Event

Launch Event:

We will provide a See.Sense playbook with template for launch communications. Optionally, a See.Sense Rep can attend a launch event to provide advice and guidance.


Distribute Lights:

Our award-winning Bike Lights - packed with smart features and react to their surroundings - are distributed to employees to incentivise cycling.

Data Dashboard:

Access real-time data insights on commuting habits, CO2 savings, and more through the intuitive See.Sense Dashboard. Track progress, measure impact, and utilise data to conduct incentivisation and reward schemes.


Advance Progress Towards ESG Goals

Reduce and accurately track Scope 3 commuting emissions.


Empower Employees To Cycle To Work

Create a happier, healthier, and more productive team.


Help Transform Your City With See.Sense Data

Generate anonymised sensor data that helps your local authority improve conditions for cycling.