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About Us

See.Sense is a technology company with a love for cycling.  We are all cyclists, with a mission to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling by bringing technology to the cutting edge of cycling design.

We firmly believe that increasing cycling participation is one of the best things that we can do for our cities.  But there are challenges, especially for urban cyclists. We’ve designed ICON to help cyclists meet these challenges.

To develop ICON, we’ve worked with hundreds of cyclists around the world and invested in more than five years of research and development. Separating us from our competitors is our strong in-house technology and design capability, allowing us to constantly adapt and innovate.  As Alan Kay, pioneer of the computer industry once said, ‘People who are really serious about software should design their own hardware’.

Our Story

Our first product, the See.Sense intelligent bike light, was invented by Philip McAleese, when he was a commuter cyclist in Singapore.  After a cycling accident, he’d grown tired of drivers saying, ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’, and set about using his skills in electronic and software design create a bicycle light that used sensor technology to improve his visibility to cars.

The See.Sense intelligent light was successfully launched on Kickstarter in October, 2013 and was a great success, going on to be stocked with major retailers and used by thousands of cyclists all around the world.

See.Sense has now grown to a team of 10, and is recognised with multiple business and design awards.  With the launch of ICON in 2016, See.Sense have brought another highly innovative product to market which opens up a world of possibilities for cyclists as well as for our cities.

A Technology Company with a love for Cycling

We are all cyclists, with a mission to enhance the safety, performance and enjoyment of cycling by bringing technology to the cutting edge of cycling design.

Philip McAleese

Philip McAleese

Co-Founder and CEO

Philip is a commuter cyclist with over 20 years experience in electronic and software engineering. After designing air traffic control simulators for National Air Traffic Services, he went on to design, build and maintain trading systems for several multinational investment banks. After inventing See.Sense to help make his cycle commuting journey safer, Philip left his corporate career to focus exclusively on See.Sense.

Irene McAleese

Irene McAleese

Co-Founder and CMO

Irene has a background in psychology & occupational health, most recently leading large change management projects for a global consulting firm. Despite living and working in London, Singapore and Northern Ireland for more than a decade, she has proudly managed to retain her Aussie accent. Passionate about the benefits cycling can bring to people and communities, Irene is a regular cycle commuter and a recent club cyclist

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See.Sense ICON lights are manufactured in Northern Ireland (UK). All ICON lights come with 12 months warranty.

We stand behind our product, if you should have an issue with your light, then please contact us.

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