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We offer

One mile

Visible from over one mile away


Reacts to moments of risk by flashing brighter and faster


200º of side visibility, both day and night


Adjusts brightness to save battery life and USB rechargeable


ICON3 is our brightest 'to be seen' light yet and is available for pre-order now. With customer feedback during the design process, it has a new 'twist and lock' mount and USB-C charging.


Use the free See.Sense app to control your light settings, check battery levels, and make reports to your city on potholes or other issues you want to see improved.

Join the See.Sense community in our app and unlock features such as


There are many more features you can unlock with the See.Sense app.



Our bar bags, phone pouches and other accessories are admired by many.


Lighting Accessories

We have everything you need to mount your lights to your bike.


As seen in

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