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July 30, 2021 3 min read

If you’ve made it to this article, then you might be thinking about your first cycle to work, which is awesome. You might already know about some of the amazing benefits of cycling to work. And when you hear that the average motorist (in 'normal' times) wastes almost one week of their year, and spends around £1,000 while just sitting in traffic alone, you know you’re making a good choice in starting to cycle. 

Starting out doesn’t need to be a big jump either. You can begin by riding into work one or two times per week to see how you feel (and we know lots of people are doing a mix of working from home and the office), and you can build it up from there. The beauty of cycling is that you can make it work for you by adjusting your route or including the bike as one part of a multi-modal journey if it’s a longer distance to your workplace. 

How To Get Started

Cycle To Work Day, which takes place on August 5th 2021, is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event. It's a day when anyone who usually uses a car or public transport to get to work is encouraged to make the journey on two wheels. Things were a little different last year for obvious reasons.

One thing’s for sure, as soon as you make your first commute on your bike, you will start to notice the benefits instantly as you will arrive at work feeling more awake, energised and motivated. 

To get you prepared for your first few rides into work, and in the spirit of Cycle To Work Day, we have pulled together this handy guide to help make your rides as seamless as possible.


Ride With Confidence

If your route to work means you’ll be cycling on open roads, make sure you allow yourself the space you need on the road. Never cycle too close to the kerb. Riding further out from it gives you more road position, and it actually makes it easier for cars to pass you. 

It might sound like a really obvious one, but be aware of your surroundings when riding to work and look out for any potholes or other uneven surfaces on the road. Soon your route into work will become second nature to you! British Cycling has a full guide to road safety tips here as well.


Be Prepared The Night Before

Have all that you need ready to go before going to bed and pack your bag with your clothes for work, it makes getting ready to head out in the morning a lot easier! If you keep a spare pair of shoes at work, that will save you having to carry them back and forth.

Keep a spare set of cycling kit in the office too, just in case you get caught in the rain on the way in. Having dry clothes to cycle home in will make your commute much more enjoyable! 


Treat Yourself

There’s nothing like that rewarding breakfast and coffee at your desk in the morning. Have your breakfast prepared and ready to eat when you arrive at work so you can enjoy it at your desk. And because your burning extra calories than everyone else - yes you're allowed that extra piece of cake in the afternoon!


Enjoy It!

Most of all, enjoy your rides. Go at your own pace, take in your surroundings and make the most of your commutes. 

Not only does cycling to work help our environment, it avoids the early morning stress of you competing with your fellow commuters in your car - starting, stopping, starting and stopping again, you know the drill. It also improves your mood and helps you sleep better.

If you are thinking about starting to cycle to work, then there is no better time to do so than on Cycle To Work Day on 5th August 2021.

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