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August 25, 2021 2 min read

January and September, the times of the year when we like to get ourselves organised, in gear and refreshed for the next season ahead. And as we approach the schools starting back up here in the UK & Ireland (hopefully for a fresh start to a more 'normal' year) - we thought it was a good opportunity to give you 5 quick tips on having a seamless commute (to work, school or both!) on two wheels: 


Our number one piece of advice for cycling to work or school would be to be prepared the night before. Have the bikes, what you or the kids will be wearing in the morning ready the night before. It makes getting out the door a lot easier! 


When cycling to work or on the school runs, have your breakfast prepared and ready to eat when you arrive at work so you can enjoy it at your desk. We know some schools do 'breakfast clubs' for the kids arriving early, but it's worth noting that a little bit of extra fuel might be needed! 


The good news is you don't need a lot of kit other than your bikes to get started in cycling to work or school, but a good quality lock is important. You also might need a lightweight raincoat and puncture repair kit for obvious reasons (even in summer).

Bike lights are required by law from sunset, but we recommend using them during the day too, and all year around, for improved visibility.

Our award winning See.Sense lights, will help keep you and any little ones extra visible with reactive technology by flashing brighter and faster at riskier moments on the road, with a long-run time.


If you are new to commuting by bike, then do a bit of research on the technique of riding in traffic. Keep out of the gutter and give yourself the space you need on the road (usually 1 metre from the kerb). After a few commutes, you’ll soon learn the routes that you prefer.


Most of all, enjoy your rides - go at your own pace, take in your surroundings, take photos and make the most of your commutes.



For more tips on cycling to school after lockdowns, Cycling UK is a good port of call. Check out their handy guide on 'Cycling For The School Run'

Jemma Nimick
Jemma Nimick