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July 07, 2021 2 min read

Dott, the European micro-mobility operator, has launched a pavement detection trial with cycling tech and data experts See.Sense. The pavement detection technology uses state of the art sensor technology to identify changes in road surfaces, and erratic riding. The announcement supports Dott’s strong safety commitment to provide ‘the safest rides for everyone’.  Dott launched it’s scooters in London this month, following its successful London tender win, with e-bikes to be launched later this summer.

This unique trial makes it possible to protect the safety of its users and ensures that riders adhere to the rules of the road, when out and about on a dott. 

As part of its safety commitment Dott is integrating See.Sense devices, containing advanced sensor and communications technology, to a selection of Dott e-scooters in London with three core aims; The first being the identification of areas around the city where extreme braking/ swerving indicative of potential collision areas are common. This data will be fed back to key city stakeholders and TfL to take proactive action to re-design infrastructure before incidents occur. Secondly, pavement detection through monitoring changes in road surface. The third and final aim of the partnership is to identify trends in reckless riding, identifying if a rider is behaving abnormally, if so an alert can be sent to the rider as a warning. This data will also be shared with city authorities and the Met police to identify core locations and times of these events, to identify riding trends. 

It is well known that pavement riding is usually a cause of riders feeling unsafe on the road infrastructure, it is therefore important to share the locations of where pavement riding is taking place, so that changes to city infrastructure can be made.

For Henri Moissinac, CEO of Dott: “This trial takes an important step in ensuring the safety of not just our riders but those around them, so that scooter usage remains a pleasure for all!

For Philip McAleese, CEO of See Sense: “This trial builds on our previous successful smart cycling data projects, where we have already demonstrated the ability to gather road surface data from bikes.  By partnering with Dott to apply this technology to their e-scooters, we are excited to explore the potential of creating a scalable solution that will provide data insights that will help both riders and our cites”.