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April 26, 2018 3 min read

We all love our activity trackers, heart rate monitors, bike computers and many other connected cycling devices, and let's be honest, when are we ever without our smartphone in our back jersey pocket? Running multiple cycling apps in the background while we pedal away.

So what makes a bike light a connected one? Why would we need it? And how exactly do connected bike lights improve our riding experiences? These are all questions that both cyclists and also curious non-cyclists often ask us here at See.Sense quite often, and we totally understand why!

With our free and optional smartphone app, there are a number of features that make our connected lights stand out from their conventional rivals... Here are some of the benefits:

Smartphone integrated features

We are a fast moving cycling technology company - bringing cyclists products that, using new technology - make our rides that little bit easier, and more fun. That’s one of the reasons why we introduced both Bluetooth and ANT+ into our innovative lights. Here are some features below.

Customise your lights

If you like, you can switch up your flash patterns and adjust your brightness to a level that suits your rides. Using the app, you can also dim your rear lights for group rides - so you don't throw too much light at the rider behind you.

It’s a security system for you and your bike

In conjunction with our smartphone app - we’ve designed our lights to act as an early theft alarm for your bike. Toggle the theft detection to ON while you are at a coffee shop, and the app will let you know if anyone moves or tampers with your bike.

You can also enter your emergency contact’s details into the See.Sense app, and if you are unfortunate enough to have a crash, we’ll text them to let them know where you are (you can, of course, cancel this if you are OK).

Manage your own brightness and runtime

One of the main benefits of connecting is to control your own runtime. Say you are out on a ride and the weather suddenly improves, or say you meet up with some friends and take the long way home - so you decide to cycle further for longer! Simply turn down the brightness of your lights through the app to control your own runtime so your lights will shine for longer.

Never run out of juice!

Most bike lights will only give you an indication of the runtime left on your bike lights. With our app, you can see the exact battery percentage that’s left on your lights, and we’ll remind you whenever they need charging!

We Listened

When we launched ICON back in 2016, the Bluetooth compatibility was what made our lights different (as well as the core features of the lights reacting to your rides) - as this is what our customers asked us for. It was even  described as the ‘smartest bike light in the history of bike lights’ by BikeRadar!

We’re working hard on a brand new app!

Now, with the launch of ACE coming very soon, we’re taking things to a whole new level by introducing some brand new and super exciting features to the See.Sense app, as well as integrating ANT+ for a seamless connection to bike your computers too.

Soon, both ACE and ICON will integrate with our new See.Sense app, featuring a clean, new interface designed in conjunction with leading interaction design experts. Join our community and open up a world of new possibilities. We've improved battery alerts, crash and theft alerting and introduced bike registration and stats - and more.

And finally

All of the above features are bonuses! Remember that these connected features are very much optional extras and our lights do operate intelligently, reactively at a daylight visible level even without a smartphone connection.

Because our lights react to their environments on your rides, it will make you more visible at the times when you really need it, keeping you safer on your bike. Add in the smart features too, and with us there is just no compromise.