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May 29, 2024 2 min read


We're actively searching for local authorities and intelligent transport system providers to partner with us in bidding for the £20m UK Intelligent Transport Management Fund (ITMF) which makes use of machine learning and AI to optimise traffic flow and balance traffic across wider areas. We invite organisations passionate about improving transport systems to collaborate with us in this effort

Understanding the ITMF

The ITMF is a key part of the UK Government's Plan for Drivers, aimed at enhancing traffic management to smooth journeys and reduce congestion. However, the fund also emphasises the importance of considering the needs of all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. This approach aligns perfectly with our mission at See.Sense to create safer and smarter cycling environments.

The Importance of Including Cycling in Your Bid

Active travel, particularly cycling, is crucial for the success of any modern intelligent transport system. Here’s why:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Integrating cycling data into traffic management systems can significantly improve safety for cyclists, reducing crashes and encouraging more people to take up cycling.
  2. Traffic Flow Optimisation: By incorporating real-time data from cyclists, we can help optimise traffic signals (GLOSA techniques), ensuring smoother journeys for all road users.
  3. Sustainability: Promoting cycling aligns with broader environmental goals, reducing carbon emissions and fostering healthier communities.
  4. Comprehensive Traffic Management: The Plan for Drivers underlines the necessity of supporting all forms of travel. Ensuring the expeditious movement of traffic includes prioritising cyclists and pedestrians, making our roads safer and more efficient.

Why Partner with See.Sense?

See.Sense is uniquely positioned to contribute to this initiative. We are an award-winning, innovative UK SME, and our advanced bike lights and tracking technology collects valuable data on cycling patterns and road conditions. 

  • See.Sense participated in the EU-funded ‘BITS’ ‘Bicycle and Intelligent Transport Systems project with our project 

 This data can be integrated into ITS to provide innovative solutions that benefit all road users.  


How we can partner

On bike Patented Technologies 

  • AI-enabled GPS Sensor Tracker for bike fleets 
  • Connected & Intelligent bike lights for individual bikes 
  • Near-real time data feed for dynamic interaction with B2I (Bike to Infrastructure)


Data management and ITS

  • API for near-real time feed for traffic management systems
  • In-house capabilities for development of cyclist prioritisation, GLOSA. 
  • Data dashboards for monitoring fleet data, and generating insights, with downloadable reports analysis 

Journey Planning & Infrastructure

  • Identifies safety hotspot areas, and condition of roads for asset mgmt
  • Audits, and monitoring and evaluate impact of infrastructure 
  • Access to wide range of data including cycling speeds and dwell (stopping times), swerving, braking, road surface condition and more 
  • Data management and analysis 

We are actively looking to partner with local authorities and leading intelligent traffic systems providers to collaborate with us on this bid. Together, we can leverage cutting-edge technology to improve transport systems across the UK, making journeys smoother, safer, and more sustainable for everyone. 

Contact us today to express your interest in partnering with us and be part of this exciting opportunity to shape the future of intelligent transport management.
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