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April 07, 2022 3 min read

Collisions and crashes can unfortunately happen, and it’s common for relatives and loved ones to worry about us when we’re out cycling. That’s why we have a Crash Alert feature built into all See.Sense lights. This feature automatically notifies an assigned close contact of your crash, and provides coordinates to your location through an SMS alert. Our crash feature was recently used by See.Sense customer Gavin Owens, and we felt his testimonial was worthy of sharing to highlight the benefits of the See.Sense crash alert.  

First and foremost, we want to thank Gavin for submitting this testimonial and express our relief that Gavin made a full and speedy recovery following this incident. Collisions such as these are undoubtedly scary, and while in an ideal world our crash alert feature would go unused, we are glad to see that the feature was able to aid Gavin in this incident. 

Gavin's Testimonial 

My name is Gavin Owens and I wanted to reach out to feedback on a recent experience of your crash alert feature! 

I have quite a few of your products but the item in question is the See.Sense ICON 2 set I purchased last year. Unfortunately, I was knocked off my bike on a roundabout which was 100% the driver's fault. He hit me side on, yep, I was straight in front of him when he entered the roundabout! I was knocked unconscious for 30 minutes but your automatic crash text feature alerted my partner to the situation. Now, this has happened before, but was always a false alarm, say lifting my bike over a fence for example. But, this time it was serious. I was unable to answer her texts and subsequent calls but luckily a member of the public answered my phone and made her worst fear a reality. She is a dentist but on making this call, left a patient in the chair and raced to the scene to find me surrounded by police and ambulances. Your great feature enabled her to reach me in 15 minutes and be with me while I was treated on the road and transferred to hospital. Thank you very much!

Thankfully, I was discharged from hospital after 6 days with no broken bones and recovered enough to get back on the bike only last week!

We're extremely glad to hear that Gavin was okay after this serious collision. Not only did Gavin get back on his bike in such a short period, but he's now participating in a fund-raising cycle challenge at the end of April in Majorca, raising vital funds for the Velindre Cancer Centre. Seriously impressive! You can learn more about Gavin's fund-raising efforts here

Safety First 

At See.Sense our aim is to make cycling safer. Our lights do this in lots of different ways. From providing bright 200 degrees visibility, to reacting to car headlights and flashing brighter and faster when perceiving moments of risk, our lights are designed from the ground up to increase the user’s safety. 

The crash alert feature built into our See.Sense app adds an additional layer of safety to this. The sensors on all of our lights can detect when you’ve had a crash, and the app will then quickly send a text to your emergency contact letting them know that you’ve crashed, along with the location of the incident. The crash alert works by simply entering in your emergency contact’s phone number into the crash alert section of our app. An initial message will be sent notifying your emergency contact of this to ensure you have entered the number correctly, and after this you’re all set. 

Setting Up Crash Alert

Our video here shows how to set the crash alert feature up. We really hope you never need to use this, but it's a good idea to set it up for peace of mind. Once it’s set up, you hopefully won’t need to think about it again!  


Cycle On! 

Here at See.Sense we encourage everyone to get on their bikes where possible! We get that all this talk about crashing may sound scary, but you shouldn’t be put-off or concerned about going out cycling. Our crash alert feature is simply there to give you extra safety and peace of mind. Cycle safely and enjoy it!