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December 20, 2022 5 min read

In 2022 we continued to work with cities, councils and local authorities to help expand the benefits of cycling and micromobility with better data insights.  To celebrate the year that’s been, we’ve put together a round-up of our key highlights and achievements from 2022: 


SUMMIT GPS and Sensor Device Projects. 

Our new ‘SUMMIT’ GPS and Sensor Tracker projects have really taken off this year - with our largest project in Essex describing our technology as a ‘Game Changer’! 

Our easily integrated SUMMIT device not only provides near real time tracking of a bike, e-bike, e-cargo and e-scooter fleets, but also gathers a wide range of See.Sense sensor data including road surface, swerving and braking.  This is all the more impressive since the device is incredibly low-powered and is even capable of running on dynamo power alone and never needs to be charged.  It’s why we won a Digital Catapult Platinum Award for this innovative tech! The data insights are presented back in user-friendly dashboards and reports that help to support monitoring and evaluation, behaviour change programmes and cycle infrastructure design and maintenance.  


Essex Pedal Power

The project celebrated its first anniversary in 2022, and now has over 1000 bikes across the County using See.Sense technology -  with the program describing our technology as a ‘game changer’! 

"Our participants don’t have to manually do anything other than ride their bikes, so we are getting 100% of all ride data automatically, which really is a game changer. With our dashboard we can follow up with anyone whose riding drops off to offer additional support, which is helping to embed behaviour change." - Kerry McDonald, Essex County Council

This innovative project was presented at the Cycle City, Active City Conference earlier in the year. If you’d like to learn more about our work with Essex Pedal Power, don’t miss our blog here


Co Bikes 

We continued to work with Co Bikes and the University of Plymouth’s Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab in 2022, with our project being covered by CiTTi Magazine. As a result of the project’s findings, we were shortlisted with Co Bikes and University of Plymouth as a finalist for the 2022 CiTTi Micromobility Awards in the Fleet Innovation Category! 

Other clients using SUMMIT technology include Sustrans Wales, Energy Saving Trust Scotland, London Borough of Ealing, TfWM and The Active Wellbeing Society.

You can find out more about SUMMIT technology here

Smart Cycling Projects using See.Sense bike lights 

Projects using See.Sense bike lights to gather data insights have also proven popular this year, with some exciting findings and data use cases developing.

Transport Accident Commission:  Safety Insights & Cycle Infrastructure Planning 

Our year-long project with the Transport Accident Commission, iMOVE Australia and Deakin University in Victoria, Australia reached its latter stages in 2022. Through the trial, data gathered over 12 months from one-thousand cyclists has been used  to understand how cyclists ride and what impacts their safety. These insights can then be used to help inform future policy planning and infrastructure improvements for cyclists. 

You can watch a great summary of the project below:  


Transport for London:  Vision Zero (Collision risk insights) 

We are extremely proud of the exciting work we undertook earlier this year with Transport for London. The project used existing data contributed by our retail customers across London, to create a successful Proof of Concept with TfL to demonstrate how our data can be used to better understand the risk of cycling collisions, and help TfL tackle Vision Zero.

“Overall, See.Sense data was able to provide standardised sensor data insights on cycles across London. These new insights will enhance the effectiveness of our risk model and therefore contribute to our understanding of the risk of collision, helping London to achieve its Vision Zero ambition.” 

You can find out more about our work with Transport for London here

North East Lincolnshire Council:  Road Surface Data 

We were delighted to resume our project with the North East Lincolnshire Council this year, after a pause due to Covid. With a relatively small amount of data from the first phase of the project (pre-covid) , they have already been able to make use of this data to inform their Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) as outlined in this excellent piece from City Science

Transport for West Midlands & Coventry CC:  Close Pass Campaigns 

We worked with TfWM in Coventry to deployed to 200 cyclists in the area. The perception reports made by cyclists have already been used by the West Midlands Police and West Midlands Fire Department to inform locations for close pass campaigns.. Drivers were educated on the 1.5m+ overtaking rule at locations identified by See.Sense data in which close passes frequently occurred.

You can read more about the project in our blog here.

Cycling Ireland - Before / After Analysis of Performance of Infrastructure

We were delighted to continue our partnership with Cycling Ireland in 2022, with our Member’s Insights Series utilising See.Sense data to provide unique cycling insights around Ireland. 

Our Dun Laoghaire blog, highlighting the positive impact of the new cycling lane along Dun Laoghaire’s Coastal Route, was covered in this piece by The Independent

We’re also excited to launch new Smart Cycling projects in the New Year, with Jersey, and Newham.  Are you interested to know more about these projects? 

You can find more information here



We had a busy year exhibiting and presenting at a range of events both in the UK and internationally, including Move 2022, Cycle City Active City, Walking and Cycling Innovations, POLIS, Smart City Expo World Congress, Micromobility UK and more. Here’s our favourite pics from what has definitely been a busy year of travels!

Co-Founder Irene and Head of Projects Beccy at Micromobility UK

Head of Projects Beccy at the E-Cargo Bike Revolution Conference 

Project Analyst Richard at the Walking and Cycling Innovations Conference

Co Founder Irene and Marketing Specialist Conal at Reset Connect 

Co-Founder Irene at POLIS 2022

Interviews and Features

Our work was covered in a range of publications including BBC Radio Ulster, AutoFutures, Smart Transport, Smart Cities World, the Khaleej Times and more.  Our work was also featured in the prestigious International Transport Forum’s Road Safety Booklet, which highlighted how "anonymised data from See.Sense was shared with the city and allowed planners to improve the infrastructure where the road surface was found to be problematic."


Awards and Recognition

We were proud to recognised with a number of Awards:

  • Rees Jeffreys Road Fund Competition Finalist: We were proud to be a finalist in the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund competition, with our project partners The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and University of the West of England. Ours was the only entry dedicated to improving cycling safety.  
  • Amazon Everywoman Tech Innovator Award:  Our Co-founder Irene McAleese was a finalist in the Amazon everywoman Tech Innovator Award. Irene was nominated for her work leading the See.Sense Data Insights team, facilitating the creation of innovative projects and partnerships across the globe.
  • BikeBiz Diversity Champion Nomination: We were delighted to see our Head of Projects, Beccy MarstonSee.Sense, shortlisted in the Diversity Champion category for the 2022 BikeBiz Awards. 
  • CiTTi Fleet Innovation Award: As mentioned above, we were proud to be shortlisted with Co Bikes and University of Plymouth as a finalist for the 2022 CiTTi Micromobility Awards in the Fleet Innovation Category. 


We want to thank all our clients and cyclists in our community for working with us over 2022!