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May 13, 2020 2 min read

We know we've been doing plenty of zoom quizzes at the weekend. Lot's of googling 'pub quiz questions' is being done! But we hadn't seen any cycling-related quizzes, so we thought we would make one for you to maybe try out with your cycling buddies that you haven't seen in a while...

All the answers are multiple choice with 4 options, then the answers are revealed at the end (so don't scroll down too far until you've done it). With one bonus question - the score is out of 11 in total. Enjoy & let us know how you get on.

1. In What Year Of The Tour de France Was Chris Froome Forced To Run Up Mont Ventoux After A Crash? 

A - 2013
B - 2017
C - 2016
D - 2015

2. What Single Rider Has Won The Most Stages At The Tour de France? 

A - Mark Cavendish
B - Eddy Merckx
C - Chris Froome
D - Mario Cipollini

3. What Two Colours Were Peter Sagan's Specialized Venge When He Rode For Team Tinkoff In 2015? 

A - Black and Yellow
B - Green and Black
C - Black and Gold
D - Green and Yellow

4. This year, the Vuelta España and Giro D'Italia will overlap, but not for the first time. How many times previously in their history have they taken place at the same time?

A - 7
B - 4
C - 21
D - 10

5. What Percentage Of Commutes Are Made By Bicycle In Amsterdam?

A - 15%
B - 90%
C - 40%
D - 20%

6. Remco Evenpoel is a huge upcoming talent in cycling. He is the current European TT champion. Currently 20 years old and measuring 1.71m, which size of large chainring does he use on his TT bike?

A - 54 tooth
B - 55 tooth
C - 56 tooth
D - 57 tooth

7. Who first invented tyres using an inflatable tube of sheet rubber which led to the production of the safety bike with its pneumatic tyres? 

A - John Kemp Starley
B - 
John Boyd Dunlop
C - Thomas Edison
D - Kirkpatrick Macmillan

7B (BONUS Question) Who won the tyre's first-ever races in Ireland and then England?

A - Lucien Aimar
B - Seamus Elliott
C - Willie Hume
D - Jacques Anquetil


8. Marianne Vos is one of the most successful cyclists in history. With two Olympic gold medals, which year did she win her first Olympic gold medal?

A - 2016 Rio
B - 2008 Beijing
C - 2012 London
D - 2000 Sydney

9. Last years world championship in the men's road race was held in Harrogate, Yorkshire. It was extremely tough due to the distance and wet weather throughout. 197 were on the start list, but how many finished the men's race?

A - 46 riders
B - 59 riders
C - 67 riders
D - 77 riders

10. Chris Froome has won 7 grand tours, but how many grand tour stages has he won?

A - 5 stages
B - 22 stages
C - 7 stages
D - 10 stages









1. C- 2016

2. B - Eddy Mercx

3. A - Black and yellow

4. A- 7

5. C - 40%

6. C - 56 tooth

7. B - John Boyd Dunlop

7b. Bonus Answer - C - Willie Hume

8. B - 2008 Beijing

9. A- 46 riders

10. D - 10 stages

Luke Joyce
Luke Joyce