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August 19, 2022 3 min read

It's coming up to seven years since the launch of ICON (our first ever connected product) on Kickstarter. Time truly does fly when you are working hard, having fun and riding bikes. And with ICON3 now just weeks away from shipping, we thought it was a good time to share some of the incredible success and memories of the ICON lighting range.

Without listing all of the awards, recognition and reviews (there are quite a few!), we thought it would be better to share one or two of our top memories:

The Original ICON (And ICON+)

Launched in 2015, the original ICON is still being used by tens of thousands of keen cyclists across the world today. It uses two super powerful CREE LEDs along with the sensors and technology on board to be both reactive and connected. The breakthrough with the original ICON was the addition of Bluetooth technology, which allowed cyclists to customise their lights, receive crash & theft alerts, and help to make the roads they cycle on better.

Used By The Best Cyclists In The World

Chris Froome using ICON on training rides in California. We have to say if this isn't a highlight of making a product, then what is? We can still remember the moment Chris bought his light in 2017, and to be honest, it didn't seem real until we saw the photo on social media a couple of weeks later.

Other memorable moments for ICON were the cyclists at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games riding with See.Sense ICON, and also when we found out that ICON was going to be featured in the London Design Museum’s Cycle Revolution Exhibition, a real honour when you consider that all of our design and tech is created in house.

The ICON2 Adventure

Before we knew it, it was 2018 and the launch of ICON2 was coming up fast. ICON2 was (at the time) our most powerful light, ideal for longer rides on the weekend or with clubs. ICON2 increases the brightness and runtime of ICON, with the design and intelligence of our ACE light. The result is that you stay visible and safer for longer.

ICON2 used a combination of both chip on board (CoB) LEDs and a high power CREE LED at the bottom, keeping you visible from up to 3km away. The custom CoB provided 300 lumen LEDs in the rear light and 400 lumen LEDs in the front - which at the time of ICON2's release was our brightest output yet! 

ICON3: Brighter and Smarter Than Ever

All that we've learned over the past seven years of developing bike lights has been brought together into a single product. ICON3. The latest iteration of the ICON series is our brightest 'to be seen light' yet, and in it we've crammed more technology and innovation than ever before. 

570 lumens at the front. 350 lumens at the rear. 270° of side visibility. With ICON3 we've taken visibility to the next level by using a combination of an all new CoB (Chip on Board) panel with two quality focused LEDs, ensuring you're seen sooner than ever. You can find out more about all the tech inside ICON3 that makes it so special in our ICON3 Technical Deep Dive. 

ICON3 is our smartest 'to be seen' light ever. We've maintained the reactivity that sets us apart - keeping you safe at moments of danger such as roundabouts or junctions by flashing brighter and faster - while also adding 'Get me Home Mode'. This automatically dims your light at low battery modes, ensuring you stay shining for at least one more hour to get home safe.  

We develop all our lights with feedback from real cyclists, but this time we've taken things a step further. ICON3 has been shaped by cyclists, with it's 'twist and lock mount', USB-C charging and all new flash modes (Super Visibility Mode & Light Sensing Mode) chosen by our Indiegogo backers. 


Not Just Bike Lights

The ICON series are a lot more than market-leading cycle lights. They are helping cities across the world improve the safety and quality of cycling. You can learn more about this here.

Since launching the ICON range, See.Sense as a company have enjoyed some tremendous growth and success. We have also shared some amazing memories with our customers, backers and followers (like you) who have helped us bring our products to life.  

You can view a full comparison of See.Sense lights here.


We look forward to your continued support, and hope that many new followers get behind us and join us on our adventure.