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September 12, 2023 1 min read

Over the past ten years at See.Sense, we've evolved from a small startup with a big idea, into a global leader in cycling technology. 

Our Journey So Far 

Our journey began in 2013 with a groundbreaking idea: creating a smarter, safer bike light. The original See.Sense light wowed the cycling world with its intelligent design. Two years later, ICON changed the game by integrating Bluetooth technology. In 2017, ACE made reactivity accessible to all. ICON2 arrived in 2019 with superior brightness and runtime. Alongside it, BEAM enhanced visibility. ICON3, our 2022 flagship light, was co-created with cyclists, boasting impressive lumens and innovative features. These lights have illuminated the path to our ongoing commitment to innovation.


Beyond Lights - Data Insights for Safer Cycling

See.Sense is more than just lights; we're a driving force behind cycling safety and infrastructure improvement. Our patented AI-enabled sensor technology provides valuable data insights to cities, employers, fleet operators, and public bodies. These insights help predict risk hotspots, identify potential collision areas, and highlight infrastructure improvements. We're at the forefront of making micromobility safer and more accessible. You can read more about our Founders Story here, or simply watch the video below: