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June 30, 2021 2 min read

You guys loved our previous pub quizzes, so why not test your TDF knowledge in our new Friday Pub Quiz series in celebration of the 2021 Tour (which is off to an epic start).

Difficulty Rating: ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️  Expert / Advanced 

All the answers are multiple choice with 4 options, then the answers are revealed at the end (so don't scroll down too far until you've completed the quiz). With one bonus question for Question 2 - the score is out of 11 in total. Enjoy & let us know how you get on.

1: The fastest TDF Team Time Trial was by Orica-GreenEdge in 2013. What was their average speed over the 25km course in Nice?

  • A: 55.98 kph
  • B: 56.57 kph
  • C: 57.84 kph
  • D: 58.89 kph

2: Which rider has had the most Tour de France appearances? Bonus point for correct number

  • A: Raymond Poulidor
  • B: Bernard Hinault
  • C: Stuart O’Grady
  • D: Sean Kelly

3: 1989 featured the smallest ever margin between the overall winner and 2nd place. Where Greg Lemond famously beat Laurent Fignon. What was the General classification time gap between them?

  • A: 8 seconds 
  • B: 9 seconds
  • C: 10 seconds
  • D: 11 seconds

4: This year's tour was due to start in another country, but started in the French region of Britannie due to the COVID pandemic. Which city was it supposed to start in?

  • A: Amsterdam
  • B: Copenhagen
  • C: Geneva
  • D: Aberdeen

5: The fastest ever Tour de France road stage took place in 1999. There was an average speed of 50.355 kph on the 191km stage from Laval to Blois. Who won the stage?

  • A: Erik Zabel
  • B: Davide Bramati
  • C: Mario Cipollini
  • D: Dimitri Konychev

6: The supposed origin of the polkadot jersey, was that is was introduced in 1975 to promote something. What was it promoting?

  • A: Chocolate bar
  • B: Newspaper
  • C: Shoe shop
  • D: Bakery 

7: The fastest average speed for the winner of the Tour de France was 41.654 kph. What year did it take place?

  • A: 2005
  • B: 2014
  • C: 2017
  • D: 2019

8: For comparison, what was the winning average speed in the first year of the Tour de France (1903)

  • A: 19.8 kph
  • B: 21.2 kph
  • C: 23.8 kph
  • D: 25.6kph

9: Who was the first Irish rider to win a stage at the Tour de France?

  • A: Shay Elliot
  • B: Stephen Roche
  • C: Sean Kelly
  • D: Dan Martin

10: There is a classification given to the rider to finish the Tour de France overall in last place. What is the name of it?

  • A: Le Perdant de la France
  • B: Maillot Jaune
  • C: Domestique
  • D: Lanterne rouge













1. C: 57.84 kph

2. C: Stuart O’Grady (17)

3. A: 8 Seconds

4. B: Copenhagen

5. C: Mario Cipollini

6. A: Chocolate bar

7. A: 2005

8. D: 25.6kph

9. A: Shay Elliot

10. D: Lanterne rouge