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April 22, 2020 2 min read

Who ever thought that cycling and exercising outdoors would have proved to be a controversial or sensitive subject in the middle of Spring? Not us. But here we are.

The opinions from the cycling community and the wider community are a split about the distance & time outside cyclists should be riding their bikes during lockdown. However, with current government guidelines allowing outdoor exercise and with public transport options limited, many have turned to the bicycle for leisure, exercise, mental health and commuting purposes. 

So... we wanted to hear from you! We wanted to hear from cyclists, frontline workers (Thank you NHS and key workers), essential workers and to those who have been recently furloughed or impacted by the situation in any way. We wanted to hear your own thoughts & opinions, and find out what you are doing to stay fit and how you are getting to work if you still need to go.

Thank you to all those who completed our survey, we had a great response from a total of 1,074 cyclists. Of these, 383 said they were key workers.


  • 81% of the respondents cycled for leisure and exercise before the crisis
  • 50% of them already cycled to work before the crisis

during the crisis

"The air is cleaner and there are very few cars. Lots of other people sharing the road in bikes and running or walking. The community is more friendly and willing to say hi."

"It’s the best way to stay fit, get the fresh air you need and be able to disappear for a short while to collect your thoughts."

"Excellent way to keep fit but we must follow the guidelines and keep close to home. We must be an example to prevent us getting a bad name."

"The absence of cars clogging up roads and lungs with exhaust smoke is a beautiful thing. There's never been a better time to be out on your bike to get to work or get your exercise."

  • 86% said that they are still cycling for exercise (following the local guidance and only riding solo or with family members). 
  • 35% people will be riding on indoor trainers.
  • 18% will be doing at-home workouts.
  • 2% won't be doing any exercise at all.
  • 27% of the key workers surveyed currently cycle to work during the pandemic.

After the crisis

  • 40% of key workers who do not currently cycle to work, agreed that they would cycle to work as a result of the pandemic.

"I'm a nurse so sometimes I must drive, due to the amount of equipment I must carry, but always cycle when I can."

"Cycling to work is massively important to me for my mental and physical health. I work in a job which can be quite stressful and the time I have to think things through on the bike really helps me not to take things home with me."

In summary

It's not up to us to tell you what to do or how to get your exercise, but we hope this provides a little insight from the cycling community and how people are staying active at this time. Either way - we hope you and you loved ones are well and safe at this time.