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September 04, 2023 2 min read

Recognized for Asset Management and Vulnerable Road User Safety

August 31, 2023 — The Transport Technology Forum has released its highly anticipated Manual for Smart Streets, a comprehensive guide designed to reshape the future of urban mobility and transportation. Among the featured companies, See.Sense has been recognized in two pivotal categories: Asset Management and Vulnerable Road User Safety.

Asset Management

See.Sense is at the forefront of third-party services offering valuable datasets for effective asset management. The company provides innovative bicycle lights and tracker products equipped with GNSS/sensor telemetry capabilities. They have developed advanced analysis techniques that yield an automated road surface index. This index strongly correlates with visual inspection surveys, offering a frequently updated mapping of surface quality. The data insights aim to improve service levels for vulnerable road users and make roads safer for cyclists.

Vulnerable Road User Safety

Beyond asset management, See.Sense has contributed significantly to the safety of vulnerable road users. The company's products collect a multitude of data attributes, from location and time to high frequency accelerometer and cycle survey reports. Utilizing this data, See.Sense has provided pivotal insights in several areas:

  • Design of Optimal Cycling Networks: Understanding popular routes, speeds, dwell time, and pedestrian conflict areas.

  • Safety Analysis: Data on swerving and braking offers a leading indicator of risky areas for cyclists.

  • Pavement Surface Conditions: Helps prioritize areas in need of repair to increase comfort and safety for cyclists.

  • Cycle Infrastructure Performance: Provides before and after comparisons to evaluate the impact of changes.

  • Understanding Diverse Needs: Anonymized profile data allows for a nuanced understanding of different user experiences.

This recognition in the Manual for Smart Streets underscores See.Sense’s commitment to using technology for making streets smarter and safer for everyone.

For more information, visit the Manual for Smart Streets