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July 28, 2023 3 min read

Results from our recent Cycle To Work Day Challenge, a week-long initiative that aimed to inspire commuting by bike, reveal that commuters can save almost £300 per year on petrol costs by switching to bike. 

The challenge, which took place from July 31st to August 6th, encouraged cyclists to log rides using the See.Sense app for as many days as possible across the week in order to celebrate Cycle To Work Day, and mark the launch of the See.Sense Commuter Platform

We keeps riders connected thanks to our App, which lets cyclists customise their lights, receive crash and theft alerts, and also provide unique stats about their journeys, including fuel saved, calories burned and more.

On average, each participant cycled 49 kilometres across the 7 days, working out at a saving of £5.90 worth of petrol for the week, based on the average fuel consumption of a modern car. Over the course of a year, this comes out at an annual saving of £290. 

Amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK and the renewed debate surrounding the country's net-zero targets, the results underscore cycling's significant potential to address economic and environmental challenges.

In addition to the fuel savings mentioned, switching to a bike also leads to savings on maintenance, insurance, and parking when compared to a car. This, combined with the reduced environmental impact of cycling when compared to driving, along with the health benefits associated with regular cycling, see the switch to two wheels becoming a more appealing option for many commuters.

Irene McAleese, Co-Founder of See.Sense, stated "We're thrilled to witness such strong engagement from the See.Sense cyclist community in response to this challenge, and our hope is to inspire more individuals to embrace cycling and to reap the benefits. Presently, we're actively collaborating with businesses through our pioneering Commuter Platform. This innovative platform acts as a catalyst to cycling, encouraging employees to make the switch where possible, whilst also providing employers with crucial data to meet and track their ESG objectives."

All riders who completed the challenge by riding 5 days or more across the week have been rewarded with a 30% discount on all See.Sense lights.

All cyclists who participated in the challenge by logging a ride in the See.Sense app have also been entered into a draw with the chance to win a See.Sense ICON3 Front and Rear Set (RRP £179.99).


Average Challenge Stats:

The average cyclist participating in the challenge achieved: 

  • 49.3KM cycled
  • 7.1KG of CO2 saved
  • 2.3 days ridden
  • 3.8 trips 
  • 149 minutes active


Why Cycle To Work? 

Switching to a bike for your commute may be the perfect way to integrate a bit more cycle time into your day, while also saving you time and money, and lowering your carbon footprint.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of commuting by bike, check out our blog on Why Commuting by Bike Benefits both Employee and Employers.


Why Cycle To Work With See.Sense? 

Even when we’re not running a cycle to work competition, there are always benefits to cycling with See.Sense.

As a smart bike light, our lights know how to react to your environment to help you see and keep you seen on the roads, day and night. Our lights can be seen from up to 3km away with 270° of side visibility. This means that you have the benefit of taking the roads with the safety of our most powerful lights yet.

On top of this, the connected features of the See.Sense app, including Theft and Crash Alerts, Ride Stats and Low Battery Notifications mean that your light does more than just brighten your journeys (if that wasn’t enough already!).

Finally, by cycling with See.Sense, you can contribute data that helps to improve conditions for cycling. The data collected by linking your light with your app, and the active data collected when our users submit Ride Reports, have helped local authorities around the world to make informed decisions to improve cycling infrastructure and improve safety. 

If you’d like to read more about how See.Sense data’s use cases around the world, check out our Case Studies


See.Sense Commuter Platform 

The See.Sense Commuter Platform encourages employees to cycle, whilst providing you with the data needed to measure and report on ESG goals. 

By equipping employees with See.Sense smart bike lights, we incentivise cycling and create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Data collected from the smart lights provides your business with vital data for scope 3 emissions and ESG reporting, plus by encouraging cycling, your business makes significant strides in reducing total CO2 output. Learn more about the See.Sense Commuter Platform.