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July 13, 2023 3 min read

See.Sense has partnered with Cycling Ireland on an innovative new ‘commuter package’, which is aimed at helping companies significantly boost the numbers of their employees cycling to work across the island of Ireland. 

The project will leverage See.Sense’s intelligent bike lights, which are equipped with patented sensor technology and collect a range of data, along with a new commuter data dashboard, allowing employers to track CO2 saved and other metrics. 

Cycling Ireland provides a vital component of the programme, including a launch event designed to attract both existing cyclists as well as employees who live a commutable distance by bike to their workplace, to take part. The Cycling Ireland Commuter Membership which comes as part of the combined programme, includes the ongoing support to sustain employee commutes, including insurance cover, access to Cycling Ireland's exclusive training hub, a quarterly newsletter, as well as retail discounts with some of Cycling Ireland's partners.  

As part of the package, employers can also avail of a travel survey co-designed with bike commuting experts at Cycling Ireland, that identifies not only current cyclists but the potential for more cyclists in your organisation to take part in the scheme.    

The bike lights, which are the official bike lights of Cycling Ireland, are specifically designed to improve cycling safety. They can increase their flash intensity in potentially dangerous situations, like at intersections or during sudden braking, offering an extra layer of safety for cyclists.  The lights, when synched with the accompanying smartphone app, send metrics data to an employer data dashboard, as well as providing a range of features for the cyclist themselves such as crash and theft alerts.  

Employers are invited to sign up to this comprehensive programme designed to boost bike commuting, and unlock a range of benefits in their organisation - such as healthier, happier and more productive employees, as well as a measurable impact on the CO2 savings that can be achieved by cycling to work. With Ireland committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050, and a commitment to achieving a 51% reduction in emissions by the end of this decade, there is huge potential for employers to play a key role in addressing the change needed.   

The vital data gathered through the programme is sent to a user-friendly data dashboard which can be used by employers for ESG reporting on scope 3 emissions, and reward or incentivisation programmes. Unique to this programme, the anonymised sensor data can also be accessed by local authorities to help guide infrastructural improvements to improve conditions for cycling. 

Irene McAleese, CSO of See.Sense said:

This programme is really a Win-Win-Win for Employees, Employers and for the cities and towns in which the businesses live.  It’s a Win for Employees as they get to cycle to work with one of our high quality bike lights that helps make them safer and with a connected cycling experience.  It’s a Win for employers who reap the benefits of a healthier and more productive workforce, as well as the ability to accurately report on CO2 savings, and it is a Win for local authority, who can access under licence rich resource of anonymised cycling sensor data in their area, that is proven to help improve the conditions for cycling”.   

Paul Norton, Cycling Ireland Get Ireland Cycling Officer, said

“See.Sense have been a partner of Cycling Ireland for the last number of years, offering great discounts on their lights and products to Cycling Ireland members. We are very excited to partner with a home grown, Irish company on this latest project. It is great to see an Irish company not only make quality products that keep cyclists safe but also make a positive impact on behavioural change and offer invaluable data to companies and local authorities alike.”

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