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September 25, 2023 1 min read

Big in America Episode 2: See.Sense - Watch Now!

Big in America: Live Q&A with See.Sense Founders Irene & Philip McAleese - Watch Now!

The documentary series "Big in America" has shone a light on See.Sense, as we were the focus of an episode that aired last month.

The exclusive premiere on LinkedIn took place on September 26, introducing viewers to co-founders Philip McAleese and Irene McAleese.

Teaming up with presenter Alex Polizzi, they took on the task of breaking into the American market, presenting See.Sense's cutting-edge products and concepts to key figures in the industry.

This involved a meeting with Julia Scott-Croxford, Vice President for North America at the British cycling company, Brompton Bikes, before the duo pitched to Dustin Kerns, General Manager of Zoomo.

See.Sense gained recognition for its pioneering cycling tech products. These products not only elevated the cycling experience for thousands of cyclists worldwide but also provided invaluable data insights for cities and local authorities, contributing to safer cycling conditions.

"The 'Big in America' documentary shone a valuable spotlight on See.Sense and provided further recognition for the spirit of innovation that drives everything we do," Irene McAleese, Co-Founder of See.Sense, shared. "Our cycling tech products enhance cycling experiences and contribute to intelligent urban planning, creating safer conditions for cyclists of all levels."