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Complete Service Maintenance

This must only be used under strict instructions from See.Sense staff. any orders made without order notes will be cancelled.


See.Sense lights are built to last & come with a free two-year warranty. This option is recommended to cover you after your warranty expires.

The service maintenance gives you a complete overhaul of your light to bring it back to full factory standards, ensuring your light can go on to perform brilliantly, season after season.

During a complete service, one of our technicians will:

  • completely disassemble and inspect all component parts
  • perform full electronic diagnostics on the circuit board, including all sensors
  • perform full charge and discharge testing of the battery to ensure full capacity
  • upgrade the firmware to the latest version

When ordering a complete service maintenance please open a ticket if you have not done so already via the following link explaining the problem and we can reply with info on how to return your light:

We will repair or replace any component as necessary. This includes any accidental damage that the light may have encountered.

All services come with an additional 90 days piece of mind extended warranty. There are no hidden fees or charges and the return postage is free.