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Cycling Ireland Dashboard FAQs


The patented sensor and communications technology inside See.Sense lights identifies 800 sensor recordings / second. It then applies artificial intelligence to perform 32 million operations per second on these readings. The light then sends this processed data via low energy bluetooth to your smartphone, then your smartphone sends the data to the cloud. It’s this combination of our patented hardware and app that allows See.Sense to gather never-before-seen insights, that are simply not possible using an app alone.

How do I know if I am collecting data?
If you are collecting data, you will see your Ride Stats change in the app. 

What data privacy controls are in place?
As an Cycling Ireland Member, the data that you collect while cycling with your lights connected will be shared with Cycling Ireland and made publicly accessible on the Cycling Ireland website. Please ensure you set privacy zones in the app.

Why do I need to allow location settings?
The light doesn’t have any in-built GPS components (they would use too much battery life) so See.Sense relies on the phone’s GPS to pair location with the data collected by the light. Location settings are also required for crash alerts.

Does the app drain my battery?
It depends on the phone, but one hour of riding will use approximately 10% of your battery. If not riding, the battery use is negligible.

Can I run other location tracking apps at the same time eg. Strava? And will it drain my battery if I am using both?
You can run the See.Sense app at the same time as other location apps such as Strava and Map My Ride. In terms of battery usage, apps using location data will use around 10% of your battery per hour. When you run a second app, this will bring total battery usage to around 12% per hour (depending on the make of your phone), which does not represent a significant increase.

Do I have to keep my phone with me when I cycle?

Yes, your smartphone will have to be with you on your ride and also connected through our app to the light (keeping it on in the background is OK). This allows for data to be collected and then sent to the cloud via your smartphone once your ride has ended. Your phone doesn't have to be on your handlebars, it can be in your pocket or backpack.

Does the app use up my data allowance?
As an average for every hour of riding, the app will use about 1-2MB (about the same as uploading one photograph). If not riding, the data use is negligible. This does vary slightly between phone models but the data usage is very low.

What if my light doesn’t work/I have a problem setting it up?
If you have any questions or have a problem with your See.Sense light, please open a new support ticket here.