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See.Sense Smart Cities

See.Sense: Innovation for a brighter future

See.Sense believes better data can shape better cities for cyclists. Cycling should be an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone - it also promotes a healthier lifestyle and is good for the environment. Sadly our cities are broken. They are becoming more crowded, with congestion and pollution dominating urban landscapes, while we also face the wider issue of an obesity epidemic. Part of the solution is encouraging more people to adopt pedal power as a means of transport. But to achieve that we need to improve our cities.

How do we do that? By using crowdsourced data to help shape city centres and improve infrastructure for all road users. That’s where See.Sense can help. A ‘Smart City’ is one where where data and sensors are used to help deliver better public services. Using patent pending connected sensor technology, See.Sense can provide reliable data on cyclist activity in our cities. This information can highlight popular transport routes and peak commute times, helping reduce congestion in the future. We help people have a more enjoyable cycling experience by improving their safety and also reducing theft.

Our ICON light flashes brighter and faster in dangerous situations. It also boasts innovative connected features such as crash and theft detection alerts. See.Sense is empowering cyclists to influence change in their cities through the collection of valuable and unique crowdsourced data which helps infrastructure planners make the most of their limited resources. We make use of the latest in IoT technology, including low power networks such as Sigfox and Lora and GPS, enabling our devices to provide cities with access to a low cost mobile sensor network. This can generate highly accurate and groundbreaking data over a wide range of variables. When our products are integrated into a city bike scheme, this allows a city to unlock a mass source of previously untapped data, so cities can then improve planning for cycling infrastructure and policies.


Use Cases For Our Data

  • Informing cities about 'hot spot' areas where there are high frequency of 'near-miss' events and crashes - showing where the priority areas are for cycling infrastructure provision.
  • Identifying potholes, even before they’ve fully formed, so that cities can repair them before they become hazards and repair at lower cost.
  • Integration with traffic lights, so that cyclists can get a green light and be prioritised.
  • Identification of where gritter trucks should be located for best results.
  • Monitor condition of off-road cycle paths.
  • Monitor temperature and light levels.
  • Heat maps of a city showing cyclist routes, speed and behaviours.
  • And coming soon – real-time air quality monitoring.


Active Projects

Milton Keynes

Cyclists in Milton Keynes are being encouraged to get on their bike and take part in our trial. They are given a state-of-the-art intelligent and connected ICON cycle light to use regularly when cycling. In return, as well as keeping them safer on the road, they’ll also have the knowledge that the data they collect through the light will help city planners design their urban environments to encourage a safer and better cycling experience.


Cyclists in Dublin are using a tracking device similar to ‘find my iPhone’ for bikes to gather information on cyclist behaviour in the city. The project will include a low power device using new technologies such as Sigfox and Lora to generate real-time data. This can be integrated with our existing data sources and information to create an accurate strategy to help the city of Dublin become more cyclist friendly.

Is See.Sense Collecting My Data Right Now?

Data collection is NOT currently enabled on all retail ICON lights. It is currently only enabled through a special app that our beta test groups and city trial participants have access to. Our long term vision is to make it available to all customers but we will ask your permission first via the app. All data will be anonymous and aggregated and we’ll always protect your privacy first and foremost.


Mobile World Congress

Watch Phillip McAleese, CEO Keynote speech from Mobile World Congress 2016

See.Sense mapping cities like never before


See.Sense are members of



Meffys IOT

See.Sense were finalists in the Innovation IoT category for Meffys 2016

Digital Catapult

See.Sense is selected as one of the ‘best in show’ of UK’s Digital Startups and featured in the Autumn Showcase

Impact Awards

Finalists in the Impact Awards for tech that improves lives and the world around us.



Press Coverage


See.Sense takes its smart cities expertise to India as part of special trade mission.

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