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Smarter Data for Smarter Cities

Crowdsourced data collected with patent-pending See.Sense devices is helping cities make more intelligent decisions about cycle infrastructure and planning.

See.Sense Smart Cities


See.Sense produces patent-pending sensor technology to solve real problems for cyclists and at the same time, produce crowd-sourced sensor data to help create smart and future cities. We aim to help people have a more enjoyable cycling experience, by enhancing safety and helping to reduce bicycle theft.

Cyclists are empowered to collect unique crowd-sourced data about their journey, that is useful for city planners who want to create better cycling infrastructure and smart cities. It is also useful information for cyclists who want to plan safer and better journeys.

Our technology is available either as a consumer product, or it can be integrated into a city bike scheme, which quickly opens up a low-cost mobile sensor network platform for a city.

In addition to providing highly accurate, real-time and unique data, See.Sense also provides innovative applications, real-time monitoring and data visualisation services and analysis to extract meaning from the data.


Use Cases For Our Data

  • Informing cities about 'hot spot' areas where there are high frequency of 'near-miss' events and crashes - showing where the priority areas are for cycling infrastructure provision.
  • Identifying potholes, even before they’ve fully formed, so that cities can repair them before they become hazards and repair at lower cost.
  • Integration with traffic lights, so that cyclists can get a green light and be prioritised.
  • Identification of where gritter trucks should be located for best results.
  • Monitor condition of off-road cycle paths.
  • Monitor temperature and light levels.
  • Heat maps of a city showing cyclist routes, speed and behaviours.
  • And coming soon – real-time air quality monitoring.


Active Projects

Milton Keynes

As a result of winning the BT SME Award for Connected Cities, See.Sense was invited to work with the city of Milton Keynes to showcase our technology. Participating cyclists are given a state-of-the-art intelligent and connected ICON cycle light to use regularly when cycling. The data collected from our device is streamed to the BT Smart Hub where it will be used with other city data to inform the city's mobility plans.


As part of the Smart Dublin Cycling Challenge, See.Sense has been selected to work with Dublin City Council to help enhance understanding of cycling issues through our innovative data. We will work with cyclists in the city who are using our ICON lights, so that real-time, crowdsourced data can be gathered to help the city develop strategies to promote the modal share of cycling. More details to follow soon!


Is See.Sense Collecting My Data Right Now?

Data collection is NOT currently enabled on all retail ICON lights. It is currently only enabled through a special app that our beta test groups and city trial participants have access to. Our long term vision is to make it available to all customers but we will ask your permission first via the app. All data will be anonymous and aggregated and we’ll always protect your privacy first and foremost.


Mobile World Congress

Watch Phillip McAleese, CEO Keynote speech from Mobile World Congress 2016

See.Sense mapping cities like never before


See.Sense are members of



Meffys IOT

See.Sense were finalists in the Innovation IoT category for Meffys 2016

Digital Catapult

See.Sense is selected as one of the ‘best in show’ of UK’s Digital Startups and featured in the Autumn Showcase

Impact Awards

Finalists in the Impact Awards for tech that improves lives and the world around us.



Press Coverage


See.Sense selected in the IotUK Boost Program to help make Cambridge smarter.

See.Sense featured at Smart London IoT London.

See.Sense is showcased at Connect Expo in Melbourne as part of UK Trade Mission.

See.Sense featured as an IoTUK Case Study.

See.Sense takes its smart cities expertise to India as part of special trade mission.

See.Sense featured by European Cycling Federation Smart Cycling Series.

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If you are interested in finding out more about a Smart Cities project click the link below to contact us and a member of our Smart Cities team will respond.

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