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See.Sense ICON3 Front Light & Mount Bundle

Introducing the ICON3 Front Light Combo Bundle - your ultimate front light and mount set-up.

With an impressive output of 575 lumens, the ICON3 Front Light ensures unparalleled brightness and visibility on your rides. The bundle includes the Dual Out Front Mount, allowing you to mount your cycling computer head unit seamlessly alongside your See.Sense light, creating a sleek and clutter-free setup on your bike. Additionally, the Action Camera Style mount adds further versatility, enabling you to easily mount your light in various positions. The ultimate upgrade to your cycling experience...

Bundles includes: 

x1 ICON3 Front Light (RRP: £99.99)
x1 ICON3 Action Camera Style Mount (RRP £9.99)
x1 Dual Out Front Mount (RRP 34.99) 

Cycling Ireland members can get this bundle for just £99 with their exclusive See.Sense discount code!