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March 16, 2022 3 min read

Amazon Web Services

Businesses across the world are trying to assess their environmental impact and how they can play their part in becoming net zero, address employee health and wellbeing and make it easier and affordable for staff to travel to work. The cost of living for staff and business overheads are ever increasing with factors such as; clean air zone charging, workplace car parking levies, increased sickness absence and workforce recruitment/retention. The many financial and health benefits of cycling to work should be considered for businesses and staff to alleviate these spiralling costs.

One such business is Amazon Web Services (AWS), who offers cloud platform solutions across its range of global data centres. See.Sense uses AWS cloud services and started talking about the applications of their patented, AI-enabled sensor lights that monitor riders' environments 800 times per second. AWS were looking at ways to measure CO2 outputs and make a commitment to improving staff health and wellbeing. 

From here a corporate package was developed for AWS to provide See.Sense intelligent Ace bike lights to 200 of its employees, to encourage them to commute by bike to its multiple London centres. 

Benefit for employees

See.Sense day and night time running lights provide road safety benefits by altering the flash pattern in response to car headlights, swerving or breaking. See.Sense lights also  possess additional features such as crash and theft alerts, battery percentage monitoring, and the ability to feedback on a range of things such as route improvements, pot holes, close passes and request infrastructure improvements via a mobile app.

Benefit for AWS

The anonymised data reported back to AWS, is helping them to measure carbon savings, miles cycled and the active minutes of their participating employees. They can also see the most popular routes into their offices to encourage staff to cycle together. The carbon saving data has provided a robust way for AWS to report on scope 3 emissions, without the need for guesswork.

The cost of the lights was subsidised by AWS, with employees contributing a small amount that was donated to their chosen charity. AWS are able to see the anonymised data collected by their staff on their own user friendly online dashboard.


Benefits for the Local Area

These rider insights and additional data collected by sensor technology embedded in the lights records , braking, swerving, collisions and road surfacing. This data can be shared back to Local Authorities for them to enable them to be able to make improvements to infrastructure and safety. So AWS and its employees are actively helping to make cycling safer for everyone. 

 Our partnership was covered in an article published by the Evening Standard

Amazon is also keen to get involved. See.Sense is striking up a corporate project that will see staff at the tech giant given the lights for their commutes in and out of work.The data can show how much carbon dioxide is saved during a ride and exercise is beneficial for overall employee health and wellbeing.” 


To find out how See.Sense technology and data services can help with your net zero and workforce health commitments please email and a member of our team will be in touch.


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