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February 25, 2022 1 min read

We are delighted to announce that See.Sense has been included in the International Transport Forum ‘Road Safety in Cities: Street Design and Traffic Management Solutions’ booklet. 

You can read the ITF booklet in full here

The booklet highlights measures that reduce road traffic deaths and injuries, and covers urban street design, traffic management and improving mobility options. 

See.Sense has been included in this publication in recognition of our use of data to improve road surfaces for cyclists in Dublin. 

Improving road surface conditions is an important part of safe street design.  Potholes can be a lethal hazard for cyclists and motorcyclists, and poor surfaces discourage the use of bicycles. Therefore, regular maintenance and upkeep of road surfaces is essential to ensure cyclist safety. In Dublin, See.Sense data insights were shared with local authorities to identify and improve infrastructure with poor road surface conditions.

Describing the project, the ITF Report states, the Council collected data with the help of See.Sense’s GPS tracking devices, which monitor braking, swerving, collisions, and road surface conditions as well as location. Data was also collected on speed, dwell time, collisions and near-miss events.’ 

Anonymised data from See.Sense was shared with the city and allowed planners and engineers to improve the infrastructure where the road surface was found to be problematic. The data was gathered through the distribution of bicycle lights that record harsh movements due to road surface defects or emergency manoeuvres.’ 

Image taken from pages 34 and 35 of ITF 'Road Safety in Cities' Booklet. 

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