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June 12, 2020 2 min read

Long, short, challenging, or the busy commute into work on the bike - I think we have all experienced people worrying about us in some way when we are out for a cycle. We wanted to share this testimonial (if we can even call it that) that has been sent to us recently.

First of all, we would like to let you know that in this case there were thankfully no serious injuries and the woman is recovering well from the collision. We would also like to say thank you to everyone who has sent us messages and tagged us in the post - your support is so appreciated and it means everything to us. 

See.Sense Crash Alerting - An Extra Layer Of Safety

Here at See.Sense, we have always been on a mission geared towards making cyclists safer on the road. Our lights do this by reacting to their environment to make you stand out at riskier situations. This could be a busy intersection or roundabout, or maybe when they are filtering into traffic. They also react when a car’s headlights approach you at night time.

And all of our lights (and also our new See.Sense AIR GPS tracker) boast crash detection technology - as used in this situation. With the crash alert, you can enter your family member / loved ones details into our free app that comes with your light, and if you have a crash it will send them a text with your location.

The crash alert will offer more peace of mind and ensure someone will be there to help if they have the absolute worst case of having an accident. 

We can’t take all the credit though 

Crash alerting was a feature we launched over five years ago. Working with a BETA group of 500 cyclists, they tested (not by literally crashing, of course) the tech for our second Kickstarter campaign to bring this feature to you all today. So we are so grateful to everyone who has helped us develop, test and improve the technology which wouldn't be possible without you - our community of cyclists.

How To Get Set Up

Since the incident, we have had quite a few people message us to say they are using our lights and love them but haven’t got set up with crash alerting yet. 

Though we genuinely hope you never need to use this feature, we encourage you to get set up for that peace of mind. To get set up, here is a quick video explaining how to do it: 

Keep Cycling

We made our lights over six years ago to improve everyone’s cycling experience. By making you more visible and to keep you safer on the road. And if there is an accident, you can be safe in the knowledge that help will be at hand quickly.

It’s only natural for people to harbour concerns about safety, but the perceptions of risk can often skew the reality of the situation. Cycling is fun and it’s good for you, and with the right awareness it can be a safe mode of transport and fantastic for our fitness and mental health too. It’s there to be enjoyed, and it should be. 

Stay safe everyone, 

Team See.Sense