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June 17, 2020 2 min read


We were excited to release our brand new Infrastructure Request feature recently as an additional and super important feature to our #SeeSenseReport campaign to help influence transport planners to make informed decisions for cycling where you live.

As featured by ITV News, The Irish News, Amazon and many more, cyclists can now pinpoint the location of where they would like infrastructure or facilities improvements to:

- Add more width
- Add separation from motor traffic
- Add cycle parking
- Change timing of traffic lights
- Slow down traffic
- Other

You can also add 250 character descriptions to accompany each report.


Here at See.Sense, we are on a mission to have more people cycling more often, bringing our technology and cyclists together to improve everyone’s journey. Given the obvious current circumstances and also the urgent need for safe, distanced space for healthy and active travel - we wanted to empower our already engaged community to help us make a difference.

We already have an amazing community of cyclists, who share ride insights gathered from their rides using See.Sense products, to help improve conditions for cycling. We wanted to extend the community and reach even more cyclists, including the many new cyclists (or those who want to cycle), so that their voices can also help inform the design of cycling infrastructure and improvements for cycling in their local areas.

We recognise a limited number of councils already have locally based web-based reporting tools and that other web-based tools also exist and people are free to use these as well. With our app-based reporting tool, we wanted to offer a new, convenient tool to reach people. App-based reporting has the benefit of allowing people to easily make the report at the end of each ride, while the incident is still fresh in your mind.


Given that cycling can help cut the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as being great for social distancing, now really is the perfect time for us all to rethink our transport choices and fight the case for cycling infrastructure where we live. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for cycling so please help now to shape it. So please do get involved today. Get set up to start reporting here.

Here is a quick demonstrational video on how to submit an infrastructure request:


We look forward to providing you with regular updates on the progress of reports made and importantly the decisions of transport planners to help improve cycling infrastructure and conditions for cycling for everyoe, throughout the pandemic and beyond.