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March 24, 2021 4 min read

Here at See.Sense, we’re on a mission to make cycling safer and more accessible for all. From Beam to ICON3, our smart bike lights are designed to help you see, and to be seen, whilst out cycling, day and night.

In fact, See.Sense was one of the first companies in the world to release a bike light specifically designed for daylight visibility. This is why our bike lights are built to shine during daylight hours, without producing a glare that would be dangerous to other road users, and without running down your battery. 

But why would you need a daylight running light for your bike? And why should you pick a See.Sense light over any other? Let’s find out…

Why your bike should have daylight running lights

While we may be aware of the dangers that come with low visibility cycling at night, cyclists aren't always seen in the daytime either. In fact, with more road use during daytime hours, 80% of cycling accidents actually occur in broad daylight.

However, research has found that making sure your bike has daylight-visible lights can significantly reduce your risk of a collision, with cyclists who use daylight running lights having a 19 percent lower crash rate than those without them.

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) have been fitted into all new cars and vans in the EU as a legal requirement since 2011, following studies that proved that dedicated Daytime Lights could improve the visibility of cars in dim light. Therefore, it makes sense that if something as large as a car needs daylight running lights to be seen during daylight hours, then cyclists need to be kept visible with daytime running lights too!

How Bright Should My Bike Light Be? 

UK regulation states that bike lights should shine at a minimum level of 50 lumens. However, as a team of experienced cyclists, at See.Sense, we recommend not going any lower than around 500 lumens for your front light, and 300 for the back. 

Now, what exactly is a lumen? In simple terms, a lumen is a unit of measurement used to quantify the brightness of light emitted by a source. It represents the amount of light visible to the human eye from a specific direction. So, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light will appear.

That’s where the powerful shine of our ICON3 lights come through, with 575 lumens on the front and 350 in the rear, keeping you visible at all times.


The strength of our light is thanks to a combination of our CoB (Chip on Board) LEDs and quality focused LEDS.  

The CoB lights are tightly packed, multi-chip packages that enable us to increase the lighting area on your light, even in direct sunlight, while simultaneously avoiding glare so as to not dazzle other road users. It is these COB LEDs that form the distinctive yellow hexagon in the middle of our ICON3 light - a design that isn’t merely cosmetic, but that ensures dispersed visibility. 

This, along with the ICON3’s two powerful CREE LEDs, enable the ICON3 to be seen from up to 3km away with 270° of side visibility, keeping you visible on the roads from far and wide.

In other words, our lights are bright, day and night, so that you can feel safe and seen on the road no matter what time of day you take to the bike.



Why get a See.Sense bike light?


See.Sense lights aren’t like other bike lights.

We’re the first bike light to perfectly balance size, brightness and battery life with zero compromise. Many conventional lights are an engineering trade-off in which the customer has to select two features at the expense of the third. 

Not See.Sense lights.

Despite being able to fit snug into the palm of your hand, See.Sense lights continue to shine brightly and yet, only need charged (on average) once a week.

But don’t take it from us - take it from our wonderful customers who have praised our compact size, long battery life, and incredible brightness. 


On top of this, See.Sense lights are smart bike lights. This means that they react to their environment by changing its flash pattern to attract attention when you need it most.  

Our lights even connect to your smartphone via the See.Sense app to allow you to remotely control your power and flash pattern, as well as access a range of intelligent features such as ;

  • Theft Alerts, a feature in which if the sensors in your light detect someone tampering with your bike while your away from it, you’ll be notified
  • Crash Alerts, a feature that will send your location to your emergency contact if your light detects that you’ve been in an accident
  • Ride Stats, helping you to monitor how far you’ve cycled, how much Co2 and fuel you’ve saved, your average speed, and numerous other statistics
  • Unlocks Low Battery Alerts - This is a feature that is quite simple, but our customers continue to tell us that they love it! Knowing the exact battery percentage before, during or after your ride can be really useful, and it's something you traditionally don't get with basic bike lights. Whenever See.Sense lights reach 20% battery or lower - we'll notify you to remind you to charge your lights. 
  • The ability to help improve local infrastructure for yourself and your cycling community by sharing data and Ride Reports with city planners and local councils 

Let’s wrap it up…

So, why does daylight visibility matter? Because as cyclists, we should always be taking measures to increase our safety whilst on our bikes.

If you’d like to learn more about See.Sense’s daylight visible and smart bike lights, then check out our latest light, ICON3. Built on the success of our ICON and ICON2 ranges, and tweaked with valuable cyclist feedback from over 5+ years, we’ve crammed more technology and innovation than ever into ICON3 to keep you visible on the roads! 

In the meantime, stay safe out there - day or night !