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February 12, 2021 2 min read

We all know the importance of being well-illuminated as a cyclist. When you’re out on your bike, you need bike lights for the safety of yourself and others. If you’re an experienced cyclist, perhaps the art of bike light shopping is second nature to you. If you’re new to the bike-riding world, you’ll soon come to find that there are so many types of bike lights available, all with different purposes and features. It can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Keep reading for 5 reasons why cyclists need intelligent bike lights.

1. Your safety comes first

Our bike lights have sensors. The sensors make the lights react to the environment you are riding in at that time so that they shine brighter and faster to attract attention to you from drivers and other road users too. They will detect when you are cycling at roundabouts, road junctions and when you are filtering in traffic. The lights also respond to approaching car headlights from behind you, and to any change in the light levels including when you cycle under trees or shadow. 

The intelligent lights have other clever components as well, including accelerometers and light and temperature sensors, to name a few. These work by monitoring road surfaces, the brightness of the surrounding light and also how fast (or slow) you are cycling. Our bikes have never been smarter, and you’ll be more visible than ever. 

2. Daytime Visibility 

Did you know that cars built since 2011 have daytime lights fitted? Why shouldn’t we be doing the same? We have been daylight visible since 2013! Our lights flash at riskier moments, with a light pattern making you more visible to drivers than a solid light pattern. 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight when most bike lights aren’t visible, yet research has found daylight-visible bike lights significantly reduce collisions. 

3. Our lights conserve power

Our lights know when you need to conserve battery levels. If you’re running low, the lights will adjust brightness levels to ensure you have enough power to get home safe.

4. We won’t make you compromise

Our intelligent bike lights are long lasting, come in different sizes and are very bright. We won’t make you compromise on your safety. Our lights are top of the range and our customers’ satisfaction and safety are our top priority. 

5. We have a range of lights to suit your needs

No matter what your needs, we have products to light your way. We have ICON2, ACE, BEAM, and many more. Check out our website and browse our products available. 

The world of bike lights has changed rapidly over the past few years. Today, there is no need to compromise on safety, not when a range like ours is available to you. The modern, state of the art features and years of research make us the perfect choice for our cyclists’ safety. Check out our products today.