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April 05, 2018 3 min read

Bike lights have always been known as a useful yet simple piece of kit for helping us stay safe and seen on the roads. But now, with exciting and rapid advancements in technology, more and more of us are taking our road safety to a new level…

If you’ve been into cycling for a while, then you’ll probably remember the first time you started browsing for some lights for your bike. Or, if you are indeed new to the sport then you will definitely be able to relate to how much more complex the experience might be than you originally thought! LEDs and lumens, steady lights or flashing, batteries or rechargeable? And where do we begin with mounting options and smart features? The process can sometimes be overwhelming - but we are here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about smart and intelligent bike lights.

So, why does a bike light need to be ‘intelligent’?

They're brighter when they need to be

One of the best things about intelligent bike lights is that they know when to flash more often and more brightly to keep you visible whenever you need to be most. By automatically adjusting their brightness, this means that they are using their battery power more efficiently - so they will flash for even longer.

But how are they intelligent?

So how does this actually work?

Sensors! See.Sense lights use built in sensors and components in the lights - (accelerometers, light & temperature sensors to name just a few). These work by monitoring road surfaces, the brightness of the surrounding light and also how fast (or slow) you are cycling.

The sensors make the lights react to the environment you are riding in at that time so that they shine brighter and faster to attract attention to you from drivers and other road users too. They will detect when you are cycling at roundabouts, road junctions and when you are filtering in traffic. The lights also react in response to approaching car headlights from behind you, and to any change in the light levels including when you cycle under trees or shadow. So all of this helps you stay more visible in these riskier situations.

There’s no compromise

When shopping for bike lights, you will more than likely find that they are a compromise between brightness, run-time ands size’. With our lights - there is no compromise. You are getting super brightness and a long runtime in a small and light piece of kit.

What about during the daytime?

Daylight Visibility has been really important to us from the start. Being visible during daylight hours is just as important as being seen at night, especially when you are cycling through busy urban areas. Since 2011, all new cars in Europe are required to be fitted with daytime running lights because of the proven benefits. So why on earth shouldn’t something as small as a bike not run daytime lights? Accidents can and do happen during the day, and daytime lights can offer some added visibility to all road users - vehicles and bicycles alike. That’s why every light we’ve made since 2013 has been engineered for daylight visibility.

You can learn more about why we think it’s time that all cyclists started using daytime running lights here.

They do so much more than keep you visible

Now we can get onto the smart part... We all know that technology moves at a fast, fast pace, and with a smart bike light like See.Sense you can keep it up to date with regular firmware updates.

Why would I need to connect my bike light to my phone?

Control your lights the way you like by connecting to our fun and intuitive companion app. You’ll also avail of unique connected features including crash and theft alerts for peace of mind, and soon, you’ll get personal stats based on on your rides too.

The big picture for cycling

Cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transport, yet it needs to be safer, more convenient and more enjoyable for everyone.

That’s why we’ve developed technology that sits in a See.Sense light, or seamlessly integrates into bike share schemes, to create ‘ride insights’.

These insights help cities, bike share operators and forward-thinking companies boost cycling safety, improve operations and reduce traffic congestion.

Click here to learn more about See.Sense Ride Insights.