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March 08, 2018 3 min read

"Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers - there is no company"

There is always lots of excitement around the office whenever you’re developing a brand new product that the whole team is really passionate about. With the launch of See.Sense ACE being well underway for the Summer, we thought we would share a bit more about See.Sense lighting technology - and how it helps cyclists from all over the world.

Since launching our company in 2013, we are so grateful to have shared and received some amazing memories, stories and photos from many of our customers, backers and followers. That’s why we thought we would take a few moments to look at some feedback from See.Sense cyclists. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this piece!

Marta, London 

"I am really pleased with the See.Sense back light, since I tried it the first day I haven't taken it off my bike! I wouldn't ride around London without it, that's for sure!"

Gary Shirlow, Northern Ireland (@causewaycyclist)

“The ICON for me is the best in the business! My cycling routes often take out me of town early in the morning and it gives me great confidence to know the ICON keeps me highly visible! I love gadgets and especially how the ICON reacts to my situation on the road either in dense traffic or coming to a stop! I see drivers giving me more room when passing so in the end it provides me with more than visibility, it keeps me safer!!”  

Jon Turner, UK

“I saw See.Sense on kickstarter and having never done a Kickstarter before I went straight in as a beta tester. The light is amazing and just sits there flashing away and I know I can depend on it whatever. So good that all of my mates invested and to the point that the local bike shop has had to start stocking them as everyone was at it!  There is a small group of us that train together and we have had to name our lights in the iPhone app because it gets a bit confusing if we stop for coffee. It’s pretty rural where we live but the addition of theft mode at cafes is excellent. Also if you have forgotten to charge it then checking battery level and adjusting the brightness down to conserve battery is also great - it runs for around 18 hours so it’s not often you get caught out!!”

Todd Steigerwalt, Georgia, US

“Safety is of the upmost importance when carrying precious cargo, and best friend Pippa. I love my Icon for how bright it is and the long battery life. With the app it is easy to change the settings on the fly and know how much battery is left.”

Wayne Lewis, Florida, US

“After mounting my See Sense, I immediately noticed a difference when riding to work. Cars gave me a lot more room when passing. This is especially helpful at 6 a.m. on roads with no bike lane. During lengthy weekend rides I appreciate the long battery life. It ensures I will be seen until my ride is over.”

Have your See.Sense Story Featured

Every single one of our backers and customers have been part of our success story, and we are indebted to everyone who has joined us on our journey! With ACE launching soon, we look forward to continuing to provide our ACE Kickstarter backers with regular updates on the refinements manufacturing and the journey to take ACE through to final product.

If you have a See.Sense story you would like to be featured in the next blog, then do give us a message on social media.