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May 20, 2020 2 min read

The world has gone bike mad recently, which is brilliant to see. So why not have a go at our fun cycling facts quiz below? Or host it with your friends on your next zoom call..

Some of the answers are true or false, and some are multiple-choice. The answers are at the bottom, so don't scroll too far until you have taken the quiz!

1. True or False? Cycle lanes increase congestion...
A - True
B - False

2. What is the oldest bike manufacturer still in existence? 
A - Colnago
B - Bianchi
C - De Rosa 
D - Cinelli

3. How long can members hire a Santander bike for without paying? 
A - 20 minutes
B - 1 hour
C - 30 minutes
D - 24 hours

4. How many bikes can you fit into one car parking space? 
A - 4
B - 10
C - 7
D - 15

5. True or false? It is 20 times cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car…
A - True
B - False

6. How many gallons of fuel do bicycles save each year?
A - 17 million
B - 55 million
C - 236 million
D - 238 million

7. How much time does the average motorist commuter waste sitting in their car each year?
A - one hour
B - one day
C - one week
D - one month

8. For the average person, if they started cycling to work, how much weight would they lose in their first year (without making any other changes to their diet and lifestyle)?
A - 1lb
B - 6lb
C - 9lb
D - 13lbs

9. You may have heard of the Penny-farthing, an early type of bicycle that featured a front-wheel significantly larger than the rear. Where does the name come from? 
A - British coin sizes
B - Country sizes
C - Pizza sizes
D - Plate sizes

10. What's a red light?

Scroll for answers...


The Answers

  1. FALSE - cycle lanes do not increase congestion. More road space brings more cars – and it also works in reverse with bike lanes, which are an efficient use of the same space that they can often mean the same amount of space carrying more people overall.
  2. B - Bianchi  in 1885
  3. C - 30 minutes is the free time you can ride on the Santander bikes for.
  4. You can fit about 15 bicycles in the same space that one car occupies.
  5. TRUE. It is indeed 20 times cheaper to run and maintain your bike than a car.
  6. D - Over 238 million gallons of fuel are saved every year from people riding bikes.
  7. C - The average motorist wastes one full week of their time per year from just sitting in their car. That's a lot!
  8. D - 13lbs is the average amount of weight that someone would lose by cycling to work.
  9. A - The Penny Farthing name comes from the old British Penny and Farthing coins which represent the large and small wheels.
  10. The red light question was very tongue and cheek! The idea of ‘Cyclists just breaks laws’ is so silly. People break road laws, on all forms of road transport, and if anything they do so more often on average in motor vehicles.

We hope you had fun taking this quiz, and that it encourages you to get out and ride. Why not ry our more challenging cycling sports quiz here to test your knoledge.