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February 06, 2018 2 min read

As you might already know (and as recently featured in RTE News) - we have been working with Dublin on our ongoing city trial in conjunction with Smart Dublin & Dublin City Council to help improve cycling in the city. 500 See.Sense ICON lights were distributed to cyclists around the capital to collect information as they cycle. The data from the trial is then shared with the Smart Dublin initiative. This data will help the city identify and prioritise investments in cycling infrastructure and policies!

RTE Great Prime Time Transport Race

On Monday 5th February 2018, RTE hosted a repeat of the Great Prime Time Transport "Race" - this is where Prime Time reporters race across Dublin during peak commuter time to see which mode is faster- the Luas, bus, or car. The time taken for each was then compared with the results being aired on RTE Primetime.

Our friends at Dublin Cycling Campaign challenged the cyclists from the See.Sense city cycling trial to join in on the race (by bicycle of course!) and collect some data along the way so our data scientist could analyse the results side by side. Here is what happened: 

Each journey commenced at 08:15am on Monday morning. For a distance of 4.4km, it took 43mins in a car, 58mins by bus and over an hour using the Luas. But what if you cycled the same route (below)?

The results

One member of the Dublin cycling campaign took the challenge on and here are his results (as analysed by Dr Michael Taylor, See.Sense Data Scientist):

The commute took just 23 minutes, that's almost half the time of every other mode of transport used!

With these results, and also the announcement only a few months ago that the average motorist wastes almost one week and spends around £1,000 while just sitting in traffic, we thought what better motivation could there be to (if you don’t already) take to the saddle for your commutes in Dublin and beyond?