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July 02, 2020 1 min read

Made In NI

You might already know that here at See.Sense, we create cycling technology products that make cycling safer, and that engage our community to share powerful data insights to improve conditions for cycling. But you might not know that since 2013 we have manufactured our lights locally and continue to do so.

Our team is based in Northern Ireland, we design our products in-house, and manufacture locally, about 15 miles from our office. We thought we would take a quick look at why we chose to manufacture our lights locally in the first place and also share a few photos of our manufacturing journey.

Above: See.Sense ACE and ICON2, the current lighting range is manufactured in Northern Ireland.

Did you know?
The hexagonal design of See.Sense lights is inspired from the Giants Causeway.

Why manufacture locally?

For us, manufacturing abroad wasn’t the best option for a number of reasons, even where costs were concerned.

Encourage local growth and supporting job creation:

We can keep a closer look at the work conditions and the quality control of our lights by visiting the factory often:

We can deliver products to you more quickly:



Even our packaging is made right here in Northern Ireland, only a couple of miles from our office. Check out our video below about our latest ICON packaging: