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September 24, 2021 3 min read

We are excited to be releasing the first in our series of Cycling Ireland member insights blogs | Top 5 Interesting Routes

The See.Sense 'Ride Insights' Dashboard launched recently on the Cycling Ireland website. This is where cyclists are contributing their ride information dashboard using the free See.Sense app. The dashboard displays unique cycling stats including popular routes, average speeds, average journey lengths, where riders experience delays, and even where favourite coffee stops might be.

We are now pleased to be starting a series where we will highlight any interesting routes from the insights. This time, we're starting with 5 Interesting routes in Dublin....


1. R119-passes: White Rock Beach, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

The coastal route along R-119 is proving to be a popular route with riders (White Rock Beach on Killiney Bay, Dublin in particular).

Who knew the beaches of Dublin could be so interesting and lovely? This looks like a lovely route because of the coastline, and we can see why cyclists might like it. 

Although there is no particular infrastructure in place along this route, there are places to park bikes, and stop for a photo of course.


(Black circles are highlighting the location)

2. Coliemore Harbour, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

The road alongside the harbour appears to be popular. There are a number of climbs in the area, as well as some nice views over the water at the harbour.

Again, there is no cycle infrastructure currently in place, however it is a popular route as a scenic coastal journey!

3. North Bull Wall, Dublin

50% of cyclists stop here with an average dwell time of around 2.5 minutes in the area close to the golf course and a coffee shop. The North Bull Lighthouse is also out in the distance, so another nice place to stop and admire the scenery.

4. West Pier, Howth, Dublin

This area has high dwell times, potentially due to shops and cafes in the Howth area (who doesn't love a coffee stop on your route?) and it being a busy location for a day out. Howth is also super accessible from different parts of north and south Dublin - so we can see why it's a popular stop!

Around 66% of cyclists stop here for around 3 minutes.

5. Phoenix Park, Dublin

100% of cyclists stopped in this area for around 3 minutes - so this could be a meeting point for riders, or indeed an area to stop off and have a snack or a coffee. The Papal Cross is also here, so this could also be another photo stop for the cyclists.

We hope you enjoyed this quick rundown of the top 5 interesting routes we spotted in Dublin from the insights. 

How To Get Involved If You Aren't Already

Cycling Ireland are calling for more cyclists to get involved by anonymously contributing your ride stats to the dashboard using the free See.Sense App. You need to be a member of Cycling Ireland and own a See.Sense light to contribute, however Cycling Ireland Membership offers an exclusive 30% discount code off all See.Sense award-winning reactive bike lights. You then just need to enter the project code 'CI' in the See.Sense App. Then you're all set.


It's not just about the insights. If you own a See.Sense product and have joined our community through our mobile app, you’ll see some unique and fun stats about your own rides too. These include:

  • The distance you've cycled
  • The calories you've burned
  • How much CO2 you’ve saved by cycling
  • More unique and fun stats.

So, how does your town of city in Ireland compare? We hope you enjoyed the first of our insight series. Next up, we will be featuring more cities, and also a nice piece on the top coffee stops visited by members throughout the North and South of Ireland based on the data.

Remember, all Cycling Ireland members get 30% off See.Sense lights. Log into your members area for access.