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October 13, 2021 5 min read

Cycling enthusiasts in Ireland are in for a treat! In this article, we unveil the top cycle-friendly coffee stops across the country. Whether you're looking for a trendy cafe, a cozy spot, or a location with stunning views, we've got you covered. These insights have been powered by data gathered from the free See.Sense app, and calculated using our dwell time insight, the measure of how long cyclists have stopped. So, saddle up and discover the best coffee stops to visit during your cycling adventures in Ireland.

Established Coffee - Belfast, 54 Hill St. 

Located at the entrance to Hill Street in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter, Established Coffee tops our list of popular coffee stops. This trendy cafe holds the second-highest dwell times in Belfast, only surpassed by City Hall and Victoria Square. With its cycle stand conveniently placed outside the cafe and outdoor seating available, Established Coffee truly caters to cyclists. Plus, the challenge of riding on cobbles along Hill Street adds a touch of Paris-Roubaix practice for the adventurous riders.

General Merchants
 - East Belfast, 481 Upper Newtownards Rd.

General Merchants has four cafes situated throughout Belfast, with its East Belfast outlet on the Upper Newtownards Road proving the most popular. Looking inside it's easy to see why; the former grocery store provides a cosy and nostalgic location for a coffee stop. Again, this cafe has plenty of outdoor seating for cyclists, allowing you to enjoy its specialty belfast-based White Star coffee. 

The Promenade Cafe
- Ballycastle, 7 North St.

This cafe in Ballycastle is a particularly popular spot. It not only has some of the highest dwell times in Northern Ireland, but also ranks highly in terms of the average number of cyclists who stop here during their rides. The cafe provides an excellent coffee-stop for cyclists riding along the plethora of stunning routes that Antrim’s coast has to offer, particularly for those riding into Ballycastle from Waterfoot and Cushendall. Although there isn't too much bike parking near the cafe, there is plenty of outdoor seating with a view of the picturesque Ballycastle harbour and beach. 

Paper Cup
 - Belfast, 11 ARC Queen’s Road 

Up next we have Paper Cup; a small but modern cafe in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. Paper Cup is extremely accessible by bike, as the cafe is located off the Queen’s Road road in the pedestrianised ARC square, situated just behind the Odyssey Arena. The cafe is cycle-friendly, offering a 10% discount to cyclists as part of Sustrans’ ‘Pedal Perks’ scheme, and has outdoor seating and bike parking available. There’s plenty of reason here to pop in and enjoy a coffee overlooking the stunning SS Nomadic. 

Bob & Berts
 - Portstewart, 60 The Promenade

Bob and Berts rounds off the Northern Irish section of this list, with the popular coffee-chain’s Portstewart branch providing a convenient stop for cyclists on the North Coast. The coastal road between Bushmills, Portrush and Portstewart is the most popular route undertaken in this area, so Bob and Berts location on the Portstewart seafront is perfect for a coffee before making the return journey back along the coast. Those familiar with Portstewart in the autumn and winter months will also know this coffee stop is often needed; the town is no stranger to wind and rain! 

Happy Out
- Dublin, Bull Island

Happy Out, located on Dublin's Bull Island, is one of the most popular coffee stops in Ireland. Cyclists and walkers alike enjoy the stunning views of Dublin Bay and the Poolbeg Stacks during the journey from Clontarf to the island. The cafe, made from recycled shipping containers, offers plenty of outdoor wooden benches for visitors to soak in the scenery. It's the perfect stop-off for routes around Dublin's north coast and particularly complements the popular 36km Dublin to Howth cycle route. On a sunny day, there are few places nicer than Happy Out to savor a cup of coffee.

Glendalough Green
- Wicklow, Glendalough

You’ll be hard-pressed to find views better than what's on offer on Bull Island, but Glendalough Green might do just that. Nestled in the small village of Laragh, Glendalough Green cafe lies just 1km from its namesake; the stunning Glendalough Valley. Situated on the edge of a three-way intersection, the cafe acts as a hub for cyclists in what is one of Ireland’s most popular and beautiful cycling locations. Glendalough Green takes full advantage of its location in the “Garden of Ireland”, priding itself on its use of organic, fresh produce. This coffee stop is certainly a must visit if cycling in the area.

Breakaway Coffee & Bikes - Dun Laoghaire, 75 York Road

Breakaway Coffee in Dun Laoghaire takes cycle-friendly coffee to a whole new level.  Founded in early 2021 by the people behind Dublin Loves Bikes, the shop doubles up as a bike shop as well as a cafe, and offers bike repair services alongside your traditional cafe offerings. Breakaway Coffee is also filled with bikes and equipment for you to browse while waiting on your coffee, which can be enjoyed either inside or outside. With all this on offer, it's no surprise Breakaway Coffee has high dwell times!

The Rolling Donut Dublin | Order Online | Donuts
 - Dublin, 55 King St.

This one isn’t a typical coffee shop, but please donut let that put you off (sorry). The Rolling Donut will undoubtedly be familiar to any Dubliners reading this, as the chain has expanded to several locations throughout the city in recent years. The most popular of these amongst cyclists according to our data is its King Street cafe, located right in the heart of Dublin just to the south of Grafton Street. The shop contains dozens of colourful donut variations and of course offers coffee too. Although the Rolling Donut has no outdoor seating, the nearby St. Stephens Green is a popular spot to enjoy your coffee and treat - particularly on a sunny day -  while King Street contains plenty of cycle stands for your bike. 

Insomnia Coffee Company
 - Malahide, Units 9 & 19 Malahide Main St. Shopping Centre 

Situated in the centre of Malahide, Insomnia Coffee possesses high dwell times due to its convenient location for cyclists in and around North Dublin. The routes around Howth, Malahide, and Swords are among the most frequently traveled in Ireland, and Insomnia Coffee provides a perfect coffee-stop spot for Cycling Ireland members on these routes. Although cycle parking is limited, outdoor seating allows cyclists to enjoy a well-deserved break.


With this guide, you now have insider knowledge of the top cycle-friendly coffee stops in Ireland. These carefully selected cafes cater to cyclists, offering convenience, atmosphere, and delicious coffee to fuel your rides. From Belfast to Dublin and picturesque spots in between, these coffee stops provide a welcome respite during your cycling adventures in Ireland. So, grab your bike, plan your route, and don't forget to visit these amazing coffee spots along the way. Happy cycling and happy coffee drinking!


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