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Surf Coast Smart Cycling Project

We are seeking volunteers to participate in a smart cycling project using See.Sense lights

The project aims to encourage more people to think about cycling for everyday journeys, to work, to college or to the shops.  It will see hundreds of cyclists use the award-winning See.Sense bike light and accompanying app, to collect data on journeys, speed, delays, road surface quality, collisions, near misses and other self-reported events.

De-personalised insights will then be shared with the council’s transport planners.  They’ll use the data to gain a better understanding of the conditions faced by cyclists which will help identify and develop improvements to the local cycle network, reflecting how people are using our local roads.


Application Survey




More Information About the See.Sense Lights

The See.Sense smart bike light contains technology that captures crucial road safety insights, as well as increasing safety of the user by allowing them to be more easily seen. The technology will gather data such as crash events, near miss incidents, abrupt acceleration and deceleration, swerving, road conditions, average speeds, dwell time and other rider feedback.

The light operates in tandem with a smartphone app, which logs the data, while additional safety features include a brighter flash in high-risk situations, such as junctions, and when riders brake.

These insights provide a better understanding of the positive and negative conditions faced by cyclists so that improvements can be made, and has been already been used in Birmingham in conjunction with RoSPA, as well as other cities including Manchester, Dublin, Antwerp, Oxford, Denver and Melbourne. 



Please register your interest by completing this short survey here.

NELC will begin to notify selected participants from the end of June, who will then receive information on how to access the See.Sense ACE smart light at the reduced price of £10 (including postage). 

For more information about the See.Sense light including the features of the light visit here

For project FAQs visit here.

For any questions related to the project that are not covered by the FAQ's, please contact customer service here.

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