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February 05, 2021 4 min read

They say that time flies when you are working hard and having fun. However, when we look back to when we first launched See.Sense BEAM on Kickstarter in 2018 it is amazing to see how much has changed and how far we’ve come - throwing in lots of lumens for good measure. BEAM is our first ever ‘to see’ light for cyclists - a seriously big step up for us as a company and something we knew we had to absolutely get right. We are all cyclists, and we are on a mission to delight the world with products that bring killer technology into cycling design. 

I think most Kickstarter backers would agree that BEAM has been a long time coming, especially when you throw in a really difficult year like last year into the mix too. BEAMs timeline from launch to full scale production has definitely been a ‘journey’ - so we think it deserves its own blog post now we are at that pinnacle moment. We are now just weeks away from the big launch (February 2021), and more importantly, we are one step closer to the units arriving at our customers' doorsteps. We truly can’t wait!

It doesn’t feel right to start this piece off without saying a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has backed BEAM on Kickstarter, pre-ordered, upgraded to BEAM+, or maybe just clicked a link or shared a post of our - you have all helped us get to this point. Here at See.Sense, our customers have all been part of our story, and we are indebted to everyone who has joined us on BEAMs journey to life today! 

We are now so close to being at the point where everything has come together and where all the hard work will start paying off. The final step of the journey is a smooth delivery of BEAM to See.Sense HQ, and then fulfilment out to customers all over the world… and onto their bikes of course. But before we look to that, we thought we would document some of the processes that your BEAM has gone through.


At the factory where BEAM is being made, we have been amazed to see the engineers doing a seriously wide variety of tests. These tests include battery aging, vibration testing (which you can see in the left image below), packaging testing and more. 

Some of this testing is designed to make sure that all the BEAMs can withstand their delivery journeys in the vans (with the boxes being passed from driver to driver, as you can imagine!). Also, BEAM has to make two journeys to get to you - so this is something we were pleased to see pass with flying colours. Reactivity and runtimes has also been a huge part of testing for the factory too, who have seen some fantastic results.



To say that a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes would be an understatement. Back at See.Sense HQ (well, from our living rooms too) we were delighted to get our hands on some fresh and final BEAM samples a few weeks ago, a feeling that came close to Christmas morning, we can’t lie! Our tech team has been working on getting the all important firmware right, we even lit up our whole large office which seats about 16 using just 6 BEAMS during testing. Just incase anyone wanted to know what 6,000 lumens looked like (don’t try this at home and all that) 


Our whole wider team has also been able to finalise the app testing for our dedicated App developer (who is handling both iOS and Android) who is doing a fab job. All BEAM lights come with the free See.Sense mobile app (or a simple app update if you already use it for your other See.Sense lights) that lets you receive low-battery and theft alerts, send crash notifications to an emergency contact, and control and customise your BEAMs brightness and flash pattern. You’ll also need to connect to your BEAM to avail of the light and speed sensing.

You can see in the app that you can turn speed sensing and light sensing off and on, and see the approximate lumen count when customising your BEAM - a few new features that we are loving. 

We know that what makes BEAM so smart, and what sets it aside from other ‘to see’ lights is its ability to evaluate your situation as a cyclist, including your speed and the light levels around you, BEAM will then automatically adjust its brightness and maximise the battery and runtime for you. So you’ll be able to see further ahead when you need more light, (for example going downhill), or conserve battery when you’re riding in a brighter urban area.


We love to see it. As mentioned, the final step in the journey is delivery to us and then you...

We’ll be hosting a live event where you can help us pack the BEAM orders and we will be talking about our favourite features, a great way to ramp up the excitement for BEAM arriving at your door. More details on that coming soon!

We are delighted to have shared this journey with you all - we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to the ‘final countdown’...


BEAM launching Feb 2021

BEAM+ launching March 2021

Learn more about BEAM and BEAM+ here.