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October 18, 2021 2 min read

Here at See.Sense, our mission is to help people cycle. We make cyclists visible, and in turn make cycling safer and more accessible for everyone. By getting more people on bikes, we can reduce pollution, reduce congestion and reduce CO2 emissions. Because of this, the ethos to promote sustainability is present in everything we do. 

Climate Emergency

The climate emergency isn't a surprise, and one of our founding principles is to have a positive impact on the environment. That’s why, since we started See.Sense back in 2013, See.Sense has been better than carbon neutral. Working with WeForest since 2014, we have offset our carbon footprint planting over 7,500 trees in India, Madagascar and Tanzania. 

We use refurbished laptops and office chairs in our office. We manufacture locally where possible to avoid large transport emissions, and we plan ahead to use spare capacity on Amazon Web Services, allowing AWS to use fewer servers and less electricity. 

Now, we are taking this approach one step further with the launch of our new ECO packaging. Our packaging has always been recyclable, but our ECO packaging goes beyond this. Our new packaging is entirely plastic free - made solely from recycled and managed card - as we look to phase out traditional retail packaging. 

Traditional retail packaging is often unnecessarily flashy, adding extra costs and extra waste. In contrast, our ECO packaging is a simple, secure corrugated craft box with a sleek design that is fully recyclable. This cuts down on these added costs and waste. 

New ECO Packaging

We have always believed in keeping our packaging as small as possible. This is in order to eliminate waste, as well as cut down on unnecessary multiple delivery attempts. Our new ECO packaging continues with this philosophy, and is slimmer than our previous retail packaging, allowing our lights to continue to fit through your letterbox. 

The ECO packaging is also designed to be just as strong and resilient as traditional retail packaging. Once assembled, our cardboard ECO packaging is extremely sturdy. Inside the ECO packaging, your See.Sense lights are housed within an additional cardboard shell to keep them safe and secure. This ensures our See.Sense lights will always remain free from damage in transit. 

Ultimately, we believe that where it is possible to make positive choices to impact our surroundings, we must do so. Our ECO packaging is exactly this; a small but positive choice that helps us continue to fulfill the See.Sense aim of being as lean as possible. And we believe this attitude prevails amongst our customers too. With over more than 100,000 See.Sense devices in use, millions of kilometers have been logged, displaying that millions of kilograms of CO2 have been saved. Lots of small choices add up to big results.