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January 21, 2021 3 min read

We know the cycling boom of 2020 and beyond saw a huge increase in bike sales, and alongside that, we also saw a boost in the popularity of our favourite cycling gadgets. Here at See.Sense, as we have welcomed many new cyclists into our community - we have received messages from customers who were wanting to learn a little more information about the connected side of our products.

We all love our activity trackers, heart rate monitors, GPS bike computers and many of other connected cycling devices, and let's be honest, when are we ever without our smartphone in our back jersey pocket (or in our See.Sense Bar Bag on the front of the bike)? 

So what makes a bike light a connected one? And why would we need it? With our free and optional smartphone app, there are a number of features that make our connected lights stand out from the basic 'conventional' ones... And here are some of the benefits:

  • Low Battery Alerts - This is a feature that is quite simple, yet our customers continue to tell us that they love it! Knowing the exact battery percentage before, during or after your ride can be really useful, and it's something you traditionally don't get with basic bike lights. Whenever See.Sense lights reach 20% battery or lower - we'll notify you to remind you to charge your lights. 
  • Control & Customise Your Lights - You can change your See.Sense light’s flash modes, brightness level and flash pattern - this means you can control your own runtime. You can also activate brake mode using the app (bottom of light solid when you brake). Again this is a cool feature that our customers are enjoying. The app notifies you when a new firmware update is available so you always have the latest technology in your light.
  • Unlock Crash and Theft Alerts - When you join the See.Sense community, you’ll unlock crash and theft alerts. Our technology senses when you might have been in a crash, with the app automatically sending your emergency contact a message, and detects when your bike is moved when you’re not there. You can read more about a real life crash alerting story from one of our customers here - don't worry, thankfully no one was injured.
  • Ride Stats & Vision Emails - This is the newest addition to our family of connected features. When you ride with your See.Sense light connected to the app - you'll gain access to your own personal ride stats, including distance travelled, calories burned, fuel saved, fun facts about your rides and more unique stats which we think you'll love. The new Vision email is a monthly roundup email of your stats.
  • Making Cycling Better - Technology within your light detects any road issues or unsafe routes you face on your ride. You can then share these ride insights via our app to help Planners upgrade roads and improve cycling safety. All your ride insights are anonymised.
  • We are continually improving our app - As we mentioned above, we are continually adding new features and improving our app based totally on customer feedback. So if there is anything you'd like to tell us - do let us know.

You can learn more and get started with the See.Sense App here.


All of the above features are bonuses! Our connected features are very much optional extras and our lights do operate intelligently, reactively at a daylight visible level even without a smartphone connection.