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January 20, 2021 2 min read

Our previous issue was all about London, giving insights of popular areas, key issues raised from, and analysis of trends within the city. 

To kick off our 2021 series, we are going to look at the Capital of Ireland, Dublin! We have been receiving many ride reports in and around the city, and now it's time to analyse trends and see what hazards lie for cyclists, and where in the city needs infrastructure improvement. 

Central Dublin 

Firstly let's have a look at the points recorded in Dublin as a whole, the image below allows us to see where See.Sense Reports have been recorded. The map allows us to see key areas of interest, areas with multiple reports, and trends in the specific type of area highlighted, for example, bridges, backroads, Junctions.

Malahide Road / Marino Mart

The most populated area for reports within the city is the ‘Malahide Road, into Marino Mart, as seen below, there are 13 reports along the roads. The reports are divided primarily between ‘close pass’ and ‘separation’ occurrences, indicative of a congested road. Along the road is a school, which cyclists have highlighted as a problem of congestion, which cyclists comments being highlighted below. 

This definitely seems to be an area where infrastructure could be improved.

Kiltipper Rd 

The Kiltipper road received a number of reports for better infrastructure, with 5 reports spread evenly along the road, all requesting more ‘Space’. The comment from the RideReport below shows the cyclists' expression of the need for infrastructure on this road. The Kiltipper road is located in the southside of the city, beside Dodder Valley Park. The Kiltipper Rd is a very narrow road, with a footpath on one side, and trees/greenery on the other. 

Phoenix Park (Upper Glen Rd)

Phoenix Park has been identified as a key area of interest, specifically the Upper Glen Rd, where there have been 7 reports along the road. Of the 7 reports, 6 were for ‘calming’ and the other for ‘close pass’. In one of the comments for ‘Calming’ a cyclist has said ‘Park should favour safety of cyclists and pedestrians’, the road itself is quite narrow, and there is no devoted cycle lane.  

Stillorgan Park 

Stillorgan Park is located on the southside of Dublin. Reports have been gathered for ‘Space’, and as indicated in the textbox below, the cyclist has reported that the cycling lane which is shared with pedestrians is too narrow, and is in need of both repairs due to the cracks along it.

We at See.Sense value our community, and thank you for making these reports, which we’ll use to raise awareness of incidents and analyse and identify common patterns and trends within cities. Remember your city can also register with us to freely access these See.Sense reports too, providing a valuable resource of data insights for your city.