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November 27, 2023 1 min read

See.Sense is thrilled to announce our prominent feature in the prestigious ITS UK Exports Study, shining a spotlight on our groundbreaking LiT (Light Insights Trial) Project.

The LiT Project, a collaborative venture with the State of Victoria's Transport Accident Commission (TAC), iMove Cooperative Research Centre, and Deakin University in Australia, focused on gathering essential insights into cyclist safety. For 12 months, 800 cyclists were equipped with our patented rear lights, paired with the See.Sense app, creating a comprehensive dataset.

Being recognised in the ITS UK Exports Study highlights our commitment to using technology for safer urban mobility globally. The LiT Project data provided valuable insights into crash events, near misses, road conditions, and average speeds, offering practical input for future policy changes.

Ashim Debnath, Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering Discipline and Associate Professor of Transportation Engineering at Deakin University, praised the project: "The Light Insights Trial has successfully investigated and proved the potential of crowdsourced ride data in generating road safety insights."

See.Sense's inclusion in the ITS UK Exports Study underscores our role in advancing intelligent transportation systems worldwide.We're proud that the LiT Project continues to inspire positive change at the intersection of technology, safety, and sustainable urban mobility.

The full report can be downloaded here

Banner Photo credit: Transport Accident Commission LiT Project.